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In 2024, the Acquired Papers were added to the Churchill Archive in collaboration with The Churchill Archives Centre, spanning items such as previously unseen personal letters, speech notes and diary entries. Including more than 1,700 documents, the Acquired Papers further enhance the unrivalled insights that the Churchill Archive has to offer scholars and students. Covering not only Winston Churchill’s personal and political life, but also the global politics of the 20th century, the documents are a unique record of these tumultuous decades.

You'll find personal documents written about and by notable historic figures including:

  • Sir Winston Churchill
  • Lady Randolph Churchill
  • Prime Minister Herbert Asquith
  • Lord High Chancellor F.E. Smith
  • Sir Noël Coward

Experience global events through firsthand accounts such as:

  • Notes for Churchill's first political speech in 1897
  • Letters sent during Churchill's time at the Western Front in 1916
  • The Prime Minister’s appointment diary for 1944
  • Material regarding the bombing of Dresden in 1945
  • Notes on Churchill's famed Iron Curtain Speech of 1946

Explore Free to Access Collection Highlights

Letter to F E Smith from WSC on his experiences on the Western Front

CHAQ 1/2/6/1
6th April 1916

Letter re WSC’s trip to Athens in the Second World War

CHAQ 2/3/74/2-5
26th December 1944

Bombing of Dresden in 1945

CHAQ 2/3/79/1-3
11-15 May 1950

This exceptional collection offers an abundance of new and noteworthy details for students, researchers, academics, and anyone interested in Winston Churchill and 20th century history. The Churchill Archive is available for purchase by institutions via subscription or on a perpetual access basis. Click here to view a full content list.

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