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The literary works of Sir Winston Churchill 1874-1965 remain in copyright and are administered by Curtis Brown on behalf of his Literary Estate. If you would like to apply for permission to use a quote from Sir Winston Churchill’s speeches (written and audio), Sir Winston’s other writing or photographs from the Broadwater Collection (held at the Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge) please send an email to: churchillpermissions@curtisbrown.co.uk.

Images from the Churchill Archive are reproduced courtesy of the Sir Winston Churchill Archive Trust, with permission of the Crown, Churchill Heritage and the Broadwater Collection and other third party copyright owners as applicable. Copyrights are reserved to the relevant copyright holder.

This Archive contains materials covered by Crown copyright. Crown copyright during the period in which these papers were created was defined by the Copyright Acts 1911 and 1956 as works made or published under the direction or control of the Crown. This includes material created by civil, colonial and diplomatic servants, members of the armed forces, government ministers and police officers. Assignment or transfer of copyright from a legal owner of third party copyright to the Crown may also occur. Crown copyright materials may generally be freely reused under the Open Government Licence, however for further information on usage see http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/information-management/our-services/crown-copyright.htm

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Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, in co-operation with the Sir Winston Churchill Archive Trust, are proud to have published the contents of the Sir Winston Churchill Papers in an online format. This online venture takes the work forward from the microfilm edition previously published by Gale International Limited. By adopting 21st century technology, we have ensured that one of the most important 20th century archives of political, personal and literary papers (comprising original documents sent, received or composed by Sir Winston Churchill during the course of his long and active life) has been made available to researchers, students and the public on a worldwide scale.

The physical Papers are held in the Churchill Archives Centre at Churchill College, Cambridge, where they are made freely available for consultation by researchers and visitors to the Centre. The Trust is a charitable body which administers the Papers (held by the Trust in perpetuity) on behalf of the nation. However, many items are still in copyright and in such cases the copyright remains the property of the writer, the writer's employer or their successors, and we have undertaken a process to obtain publication consent from as many copyright holders as possible.

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