Teaching and Research

Explore unique content that uses documents from the Archive as a base for exploring key topics in twentieth-century history.

In-depth Guides

Written by leading academics, each essay offers an in-depth exploration of a subject, such as Churchill and Empire, or Churchill and nuclear weapons, with reference to documents from the Archive. They have been designed around modules that appear on higher education courses internationally and include additional resources, such as:

• Lecture PowerPoint slides
• Links to primary documents within the Archive
• Bibliographies

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Collection Highlights

These guides are designed for you to learn more about the enormous range of private letters, speeches, telegrams and other historical documents held in the Archive. They bring together informative captions and carefully selected key documents from within this wealth of information to highlight key topics, such as:

• Churchill and Europe
• Churchill’s First World War
• Churchill and Public Speaking

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Read overviews of key topics in world history. These shorter essays are written by historians who use the primary sources from the Archive to open up its potential for wider research and study opportunities. Topics include:

• Women and Social Change
• Empire and Imperialism
• Appeasement
• The 'Special Relationship'

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Classroom Resources

Explore lesson plans, investigations and research suggestions that have been created with reference to content from the Archive. For teachers and students from secondary schools and high schools to undergraduates and sixth forms.
Resources are grouped within four broad themes:

• Key developments in modern world history
• Anglo-American relations in the twentieth century
• Key developments in modern British and empire history
• Churchill: discussion, debate and controversy

We’re delighted to offer these resources free of charge to educators around the world.

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