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Each individual included here has been mentioned ten times or more in the catalogue for the Churchill Archive. People are listed by name with titles in parentheses.

Where individuals are present in the online editions of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and/or Who Was Who, links are provided to the relevant pages. (Note that subscription to the Churchill Archive does not include subscription to these products.)

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Walker, Sir Alexander, 1869-1950 ODNB WWW
Walsh, Ridley Pakenham Pakenham-, 1888-1966   WWW
Warre, Edmond, 1837-1920 ODNB WWW
Warrender, Hugh Valdave, 1868-1926   WWW
Waterhouse, Charles, 1893-1975   WWW
Waters, Arthur George, 1888-1953   WWW
Watkinson, Harold Arthur, Viscount Watkinson, 1910-1995 ODNB WWW
Watson, Arthur Ernest, 1880-1969 ODNB WWW
Watson, Edith Margaret, d. 1953   WWW
Watson, Sir Alfred William, 1870-1936 ODNB WWW
Watt, Sir George Steven Harvie, first Baronet, 1903-1989   WWW
Watts, James, 1903-1961   WWW
Watts, Sir Philip, 1846-1926 ODNB WWW
Waugh, Evelyn Arthur St John, 1903-1966 ODNB WWW
Wavell, Archibald Percival, first Earl Wavell, 1883-1950 ODNB WWW
Wedgwood, Josiah Clement, first Baron Wedgwood, 1872-1943 ODNB WWW
Weinthal, Leo, 1865-1930   WWW
Weir, Andrew, first Baron Inverforth, 1865-1955 ODNB WWW
Weir, William Douglas, first Viscount Weir, 1877-1959 ODNB WWW
Weizmann, Chaim, 1869-1952 ODNB WWW
Welldon, James Edward Cowell, 1854-1937 ODNB WWW
Welles, Sumner, 1892-1961   WWW
Wells, Herbert George, 1866-1946 ODNB WWW
Wemyss, Rosslyn Erskine, Baron Wester Wemyss, 1864-1933 ODNB WWW
West, George Frederick Myddleton Cornwallis-, 1874-1951   WWW
West, Sir Algernon Edward, 1832-1921 ODNB WWW
Weygand, Maxime, 1867-1965   WWW
Wheeler, Sir Charles Thomas, 1892-1974 ODNB WWW
Wheeler, William Hubert Hugh Barlow-, ?1910-?1990    
Wheldon, John, b. c. 1910    
White, Sir Thomas, d. 1938   WWW
Whitley, John Henry, 1866-1935 ODNB WWW
Wigram, Ralph Follett, 1890-1936 ODNB WWW
Wilford, Sir (Kenneth) Michael, 1922-2006 ODNB WWW
Williams, Dame Juliet Evangeline Rhys [Juliette Evangeline Glyn], 1898-1964 ODNB WWW
Williams, Eliot Crawshay-, 1879-1962   WWW
Williams, Jane Gillian, b. c. 1931    
Williams, Sir Herbert (Geraint), 1884-1954   WWW
Williamson, Archibald, first Baron Forres, 1860-1931 ODNB WWW
Willoughby, Gilbert Heathcote-Drummond-, second earl of Ancaster, 1867-1951   WWW
Wilson, (Thomas) Woodrow, 1856-1924   WWW
Wilson, Charles McMoran, first Baron Moran, 1882-1977 ODNB WWW
Wilson, Gordon Chesney, 1865-1914   WWW
Wilson, Henry Maitland, first Baron Wilson, 1881-1964 ODNB WWW
Wilson, Sir Arthur Knyvet, third Baronet, 1842-1921 ODNB WWW
Wilson, Sir Horace John, 1882-1972 ODNB WWW
Winant, John Gilbert, 1889-1947   WWW
Windsor, (Bessie) Wallis, duchess of Windsor, 1896-1986 ODNB  
Wingate, Orde Charles, 1903-1944 ODNB WWW
Wingate, Sir (Francis) Reginald, first Baronet, 1861-1953 ODNB WWW
Wise, Alfred Roy, 1901-1974   WWW
Wolff, Sir Henry Drummond Charles, 1830-1908 ODNB WWW
Wontner, Sir Hugh Walter Kingwell, 1908-1992 ODNB WWW
Wood, Charles, c. 1910-c. 1990    
Wood, Edward Frederick Lindley, first earl of Halifax, 1881-1959 ODNB WWW
Wood, Richard Frederick, Baron Wood, 1920-2002   WWW
Wood, Sir (Howard) Kingsley, 1881-1943 ODNB WWW
Wright, Sir Arthur Cory Cory-, 1869-1951   WWW
Wyndham, George, 1863-1913 ODNB WWW
Wyndham, John Edward Reginald, first Baron Egremont and sixth Baron Leconfield, 1920-1972 ODNB WWW