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Each individual included here has been mentioned ten times or more in the catalogue for the Churchill Archive. People are listed by name with titles in parentheses.

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Sackville, Herbrand Edward Dundonald Brassey, ninth Earl De La Warr, 1900-1976 ODNB WWW
Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi V, 1904-1966   WWW
Sadler, Sir James Hayes, 1851-1922 ODNB WWW
Salazar, Antonio de Oliveira, 1889-1970   WWW
Salisbury, Francis Owen [Frank], 1874-1962 ODNB WWW
Salter, (James) Arthur, Baron Salter, 1881-1975 ODNB WWW
Salvidge, Sir Archibald Tutton James, 1863-1928 ODNB WWW
Samson, Charles Rumney, 1883-1931   WWW
Samuel, Herbert Louis, first Viscount Samuel, 1870-1963 ODNB WWW
Samuel, Marcus, first Viscount Bearsted, 1853-1927 ODNB WWW
Samuel, Sir Marcus Richard, third Baron Bearsted, 1909-1986   WWW
Sandys [née Churchill], Diana, 1909-1963    
Sandys, (Edwin) Duncan, Baron Duncan Sandys, 1908-1987 ODNB WWW
Sandys, Celia, b. 1943    
Sandys, Edwina, b. 1938    
Sandys, Julian George Winston, 1936-1997   WWW
Sargent, Sir (Harold) Orme Garton, 1884-1962 ODNB WWW
Sarnoff, David, 1891-1971   WWW
Sassoon, Sir Philip Albert Gustave David, third Baronet, 1888-1939 ODNB WWW
Saunders, Hilary Aidan St George, 1898-1951   WWW
Sawyers, Frank    
Schreiber, Sir Edmond Charles Acton, 1890-1972   WWW
Scobie, Sir Ronald Mackenzie, 1893-1969 ODNB WWW
Scott, Alexander MacCallum, 1874-1928   WWW
Scott, Charles Prestwich, 1846-1932 ODNB WWW
Scribner, Charles, 1890-1952   WWW
Seal, Sir Eric, 1898-1972   WWW
Seely, John Edward Bernard, first Baron Mottistone, 1868-1947 ODNB WWW
Selby, Sir Walford Harmood Montague, 1881-1965 ODNB WWW
Sendall, Bernard Charles, 1913-1996   WWW
Sforza, Carlo, 1873-1952   WWW
Shackleton, Sir David James, 1863-1938 ODNB WWW
Shakespeare, Sir Geoffrey Hithersay, first Baronet, 1893-1980 ODNB WWW
Shaw, George Bernard, 1856-1950 ODNB WWW
Shaw, Reeves, 1886-1952   WWW
Shawcross, Hartley William, Baron Shawcross, 1902-2003 ODNB WWW
Shearer, Thomas Hamilton, 1923-1995   WWW
Sheridan, Clare Consuelo, 1885-1970 ODNB WWW
Sherwood, Robert Emmet, 1896-1955   WWW
Shillingford, Lettice, b. 1919    
Shinwell, Emanuel, Baron Shinwell, 1884-1986 ODNB WWW
Shuckburgh, Sir John Evelyn, 1877-1953 ODNB WWW
Sickert, Walter Richard, 1860-1942 ODNB WWW
Sidney James Webb, Baron Passfield, 1859-1947 ODNB WWW
Sidney, William Philip, first Viscount de L'Isle, 1909-1991 ODNB WWW
Siepmann, Charles Arthur, 1899-1985   WWW
Sikorski, Wladyslaw, 1881-1943   WWW
Simon, Dame Kathleen Rochard, Viscountess Simon, 1863-1955 ODNB WWW
Simon, John Allsebrook, first Viscount Simon, 1873-1954 ODNB WWW
Simonds, Gavin Turnbull, Viscount Simonds, 1881-1971 ODNB WWW
Sinclair, Archibald Henry Macdonald, first Viscount Thurso, 1890-1970 ODNB WWW
Singleton, Sir John Edward, 1885-1957 ODNB WWW
Sington, Gerald Henry Adolphus, 1876-1946   WWW
Sir James Lithgow, first Baronet, 1883-1952 ODNB WWW
Skouras, Spyros Panayiotis, 1893-1971   WWW
Sloman, (Margaret) Barbara, b. 1925   WWW
Smith, (Walter) Bedell, 1895-1961   WWW
Smith, Alfred Emanuel, 1873-1944   WWW
Smith, Derek Colclough Walker, Baron Broxbourne, 1910-1992 ODNB WWW
Smith, Frederick Edwin, first earl of Birkenhead, 1872-1930 ODNB WWW
Smith, Frederick Winston Furneaux, second earl of Birkenhead, 1907-1975 ODNB WWW
Smith, Rennie, 1888-1962   WWW
Smith, Sir Benjamin [Ben], 1879-1964   WWW
Smith, Sir Hubert Llewellyn, 1864-1945 ODNB WWW
Smith, Sir James (Edward) Masterson-, 1878-1938   WWW
Smithers, Sir Waldron, 1880-1954   WWW
Smuts, Jan Christiaan, 1870-1950 ODNB WWW
Smyth, Sir John George, first Baronet, 1893-1983 ODNB WWW
Snelling, Catherine    
Snowden, Philip, Viscount Snowden, 1864-1937 ODNB WWW
Snyder, John Wesley, 1895-1985   WWW
Soames, (Arthur) Christopher John, Baron Soames, 1920-1987 ODNB WWW
Soames, (Arthur) Nicholas (Winston), b. 1948   WWW
Soames, Dame Mary, b. 1922   WWW
Soames, Emma (Mary), b. 1949   WWW
Somervell, Donald Bradley, Baron Somervell of Harrow, 1889-1960 ODNB WWW
Southern, Sir James Wilson, 1840-1909   WWW
Spearman, Sir Alexander Cadwallader Mainwaring, 1901-1982   WWW
Spears, Nancy, d. 1975    
Spears, Sir Edward Louis, Baronet, 1886-1974 ODNB WWW
Spencer, Charles Robert, sixth Earl Spencer, 1857-1922   WWW
Spencer, Charles, third duke of Marlborough, 1706-1758 ODNB  
Spencer, Victor Alexander, second Viscount Churchill, 1890-1973   WWW
Spender, John Alfred, 1862-1942 ODNB  
Stalin, Joseph Vissarionovich, 1879-1953   WWW
Stamp, Josiah Charles, first Baron Stamp, 1880-1941 ODNB WWW
Standish, Henry Noailles Widdrington, 1847-1920   WWW
Stanhope, James Richard, seventh earl Stanhope, 1880-1967   WWW
Stanley [married name Montagu], (Beatrice) Venetia, 1887-1948 ODNB  
Stanley, Albert Henry, Baron Ashfield, 1874-1948 ODNB WWW
Stanley, Edward George Villiers, seventeenth earl of Derby, 1865-1948 ODNB WWW
Stanley, Oliver Frederick George, 1896-1950 ODNB WWW
Stark, Harold Raynsford, 1880-1972   WWW
Stark, Sir Andrew (Alexander Steel), 1916-2006   WWW
Stassen, Harold Edward, 1907-2001   WWW
Steed, Henry Wickham, 1871-1956 ODNB WWW
Stephens, Sir David, 1910-1990   WWW
Stephenson, Sir John Everard, 1893-1948   WWW
Stern, Sir Albert Gerald, 1878-1966 ODNB WWW
Stettinius, Edward Reilly, Jr., 1900-1949   WWW
Stevenson, James, Baron Stevenson, 1873-1926 ODNB WWW
Stevenson, Sir Ralph Clarmont Skrine, 1895-1977   WWW
Stewart, Charles Stewart Henry Vane Tempest, seventh marquess of Londonderry, 1878-1949 ODNB WWW
Stewart, Charles Stewart Vane Tempest, sixth marquess of Londonderry, 1852-1915 ODNB WWW
Stewart, Sir (Percy) Malcolm, first Baronet, 1872-1951 ODNB WWW
Stewart, Sir James Henderson-, 1897-1961   WWW
Stimson, Henry Lewis, 1867-1950   WWW
Stoddart, Archibald Peile, 1860-1939   WWW
Stokes, Richard Rapier, 1897-1957 ODNB WWW
Strakosch, Sir Henry Edouard, 1871-1943 ODNB WWW
Streit, Clarence Kirshman, 1896-1986   WWW
Strutt, John Arthur, fifth Baron Rayleigh, 1908-1988   WWW
Stuart, Jacobo Fitz-James, seventeenth Duke of Alba, 1878-1953   WWW
Stuart, James Gray, first Viscount Stuart of Findhorn, 1897-1971 ODNB WWW
Stuart, Sir Louis, 1870-1949   WWW
Sturdee, Sir Frederick Charles Doveton, first Baronet, 1859-1925 ODNB WWW
Sturges, Sir Robert Grice, 1891-1970   WWW
Sueter, Sir Murray Frazer, 1872-1960 ODNB WWW
Sulzberger, Arthur Hays, 1891-1968   WWW
Sutherland, Elizabeth Millicent, twenty-fourth Countess of Sutherland, b. 1921   WWW
Sutherland, Graham Vivian, 1903-1980 ODNB WWW
Swinton, Sir Ernest Dunlop, 1868-1951 ODNB WWW