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Each individual included here has been mentioned ten times or more in the catalogue for the Churchill Archive. People are listed by name with titles in parentheses.

Where individuals are present in the online editions of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and/or Who Was Who, links are provided to the relevant pages. (Note that subscription to the Churchill Archive does not include subscription to these products.)

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Raczyński, Count Edward Bernard Andrzej Maria, 1891-1993 ODNB WWW
Raemaekers, Louis, 1869-1956   WWW
Ramsbotham, Herwald, first Viscount Soulbury, 1887-1971 ODNB WWW
Rank, (Joseph) Arthur, Baron Rank, 1888-1972 ODNB WWW
Rathbone, Eleanor Florence, 1872-1946 ODNB WWW
Rattigan, Sir Terence Mervyn, 1911-1977 ODNB WWW
Rawlinson, Sir Alfred, 1867-1934   WWW
Redmayne, Martin, first Baronet and Baron Redmayne, 1910-1983 ODNB WWW
Redmond, John Edward, 1856-1918 ODNB WWW
Reid, Robert Threshie, Earl Loreburn, 1846-1923 ODNB WWW
Reilly, Sidney George [formerly Shlomo ben Hersh Rozenblium], 1874-1925 ODNB  
Reith, John Charles Walsham, first Baron Reith, 1889-1971 ODNB WWW
Rennie, Sir Ernest Amelius, 1868-1935   WWW
Renwick, Robert Burnham, first Baron Renwick, 1904-1973   WWW
Repington, Charles À Court, 1858-1925 ODNB WWW
Reves, Emery, 1904-1981    
Reynaud, Paul, 1878-1966   WWW
Rhodes, Cecil John, 1853-1902 ODNB WWW
Rhys, Charles Arthur Uryan, eighth Baron Dynevor, 1889-1962   WWW
Rice, Sir Cecil Arthur Spring, 1859-1918 ODNB WWW
Riddell, George Allardice, Baron Riddell, 1865-1934 ODNB WWW
Ridge, Anthony Hubert, 1913-2010   WWW
Ridgeway, Sir Joseph West, 1844-1930 ODNB WWW
Ritchie, Sir George, 1849-1921   WWW
Robeck, Sir John Michael de, Baronet, 1862-1928 ODNB WWW
Roberts, Frederick Sleigh, first Earl Roberts, 1832-1914 ODNB WWW
Roberts, Sir Frank Kenyon, 1907-1998 ODNB WWW
Robertson, Sir David, 1890-1970   WWW
Robertson, Sir Malcolm Arnold, 1877-1951   WWW
Robertson, Sir William Robert, first Baronet, 1860-1933 ODNB WWW
Robey, (Douglas) John (Brett), 1914-2001   WWW
Robinson, Sir Joseph Benjamin, first Baronet, 1840-1929 ODNB WWW
Robson, Brian Ewart, 1926-2005   WWW
Rodd, Francis James Rennell, second Baron Rennell, 1895-1978 ODNB WWW
Rodd, James Rennell, first Baron Rennell, 1858-1941 ODNB WWW
Rodgers, Sir John (Charles), 1906-1993   WWW
Roger, Odette Pol, 1911-2000    
Romilly, Bertram (Henry Samuel), 1878-1940   WWW
Romilly, Giles Samuel Bertram, 1916-1967 ODNB  
Romilly, Nellie, 1888-1955    
Roose, Edward Charles Robson, 1848-1905 ODNB WWW
Roosevelt, (Anna) Eleanor, 1884-1962   WWW
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, 1882-1945   WWW
Rootes, William Edward, first Baron Rootes, 1894-1964 ODNB WWW
Ropner, Sir Leonard, 1895-1977   WWW
Rose, Walter, fl. 1930    
Rothenstein, Sir John Knewstub Maurice, 1901-1992 ODNB WWW
Rothschild, Anthony Gustav de, 1887-1961 ODNB WWW
Rothschild, James Armand Edmond de, 1878-1957   WWW
Rothschild, Nathaniel Mayer de, first Baron Rothschild, 1840-1915 ODNB WWW
Rowan, Sir (Thomas) Leslie, 1908-1972 ODNB WWW
Rowse, (Alfred) Leslie, 1903-1997 ODNB WWW
Rumbold, Sir Horace George Montagu, ninth Baronet, 1869-1941 ODNB WWW
Runciman, Walter, first Viscount Runciman of Doxford, 1870-1949 ODNB WWW
Russell, (Edward Frederick) Langley, second Baron Russell of Liverpool, 1895-1981 ODNB WWW