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Each individual included here has been mentioned ten times or more in the catalogue for the Churchill Archive. People are listed by name with titles in parentheses.

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Mabane, William, first Baron Mabane, 1895-1969   WWW
MacArthur, Douglas, 1880-1964   WWW
MacDonald, (James) Ramsay, 1866-1937 ODNB WWW
MacDonald, Malcolm John, 1901-1981 ODNB WWW
MacFarlane, Sir (Frank) Noel Mason, 1889-1953 ODNB WWW
MacKenna, Robert Merttins Bird, 1903-1984   WWW
MacLeod, Aubrey Seymour Halford-, 1914-2000   WWW
Macdonogh, Sir George Mark Watson, 1865-1942 ODNB WWW
Mackay, Aeneas Alexander, thirteenth Baron Reay, 1905-1963   WWW
Maclean, Sir Fitzroy Hew Royle, first Baronet, 1911-1996 ODNB WWW
Macleod, Iain Norman, 1913-1970 ODNB WWW
Macmillan, Daniel de Mendi, 1886–1965 ODNB WWW
Macmillan, (Maurice) Harold, first earl of Stockton, 1894-1986 ODNB WWW
Macnamara, John Robert Jermain, 1905-1944   WWW
Macnamara, Thomas James, 1861-1931 ODNB WWW
Maeterlinck, Maurice, 1862-1949   WWW
Maisky, Ivan Mikhailovich, 1884-1975   WWW
Maitland, Sir Arthur Herbert Drummond Ramsay Steel [Sir Arthur Steel Maitland], first Baronet, 1876-1935 ODNB WWW
Malcolm, Sir Ian Zachary, 1868-1944 ODNB WWW
Mallet, Sir (William) Ivo, 1900-1988   WWW
Mallock, William Hurrell, 1849-1923 ODNB WWW
Marchant, Sir James, 1867-1956   WWW
Marder, Arthur Jacob, 1910-1980 ODNB WWW
Margaret Rose, Princess, countess of Snowdon, 1930-2002 ODNB  
Margesson, (Henry) David Reginald, first Viscount Margesson, 1890-1965 ODNB WWW
Margesson, (Henry) David Reginald, first Viscount Margesson, 1890-1965 ODNB WWW
Marina, Princess [Princess Marina of Greece and of Denmark], duchess of Kent, 1906-1968 ODNB  
Marjoribanks, Dudley Churchill, third Baron Marjoribanks, 1874-1935   WWW
Marjoribanks, Edward, second Baron Tweedmouth, 1849-1909 ODNB WWW
Marjoribanks, Edward, second Baron Tweedmouth, 1849-1909 ODNB WWW
Marples, (Alfred) Ernest, Baron Marples, 1907-1978 ODNB WWW
Marquis, Frederick James, first earl of Woolton, 1883-1964 ODNB WWW
Marsh, Sir Edward Howard, 1872-1953 ODNB WWW
Marshall, George Catlett, 1880-1959   WWW
Marshall, Sir Douglas, 1906-1976   WWW
Martell, Edward Drewett, 1909-1989   WWW
Martin, Christopher John Holland-, 1910-1960   WWW
Martin, Sir John (Miller), 1904-1991   WWW
Masaryk, Jan Garrigue, 1886-1948   WWW
Masefield, John Edward, 1878-1967 ODNB WWW
Massey, (Charles) Vincent, 1887-1967 ODNB WWW
Massigli, René, 1888-1988   WWW
Massingham, Henry William, 1860-1924 ODNB WWW
Masterman, Charles Frederick Gurney, 1874-1927 ODNB WWW
Mathews, Sir Charles Willie, Baronet, 1850-1920 ODNB WWW
Matthews, Leonard Harrison, 1901-1986 ODNB WWW
Maturin, Verity Gillian, 1931-1985    
Maudling, Reginald, 1917-1979 ODNB WWW
Maugham, Frederic Herbert, first Viscount Maugham, 1866-1958   WWW
Maurice, Sir Frederick Barton, 1871-1951 ODNB WWW
Maxton, James [Jimmy], 1885-1946 ODNB WWW
Maxwell, Sir Alexander, 1880-1963 ODNB WWW
Maxwell, Sir John Grenfell, 1859-1929 ODNB WWW
May, Sir William Henry, 1849-1930 ODNB WWW
Mayo, Katherine, 1867-1940 ODNB WWW
Maze, Paul Lucien, 1887-1979   WWW
McCann, Sir Charles Francis Gerald, 1880-1951   WWW
McCorquodale, Malcolm Stewart, first Baron McCorquodale of Newton, 1901-1971   WWW
McFall, David (Bernard), 1919-1988   WWW
McGowan, Harry Duncan, first Baron McGowan, 1874-1961 ODNB WWW
McGregor, James Reid, 1896-1984   WWW
McKenna, Reginald, 1863-1943 ODNB WWW
McNeill, Ronald John, Baron Cushendun, 1861-1934 ODNB WWW
Meade, Arthur Vesey, fifth earl of Clanwilliam, 1873-1953   WWW
Melville, Sir Ronald (Henry), 1912-2001   WWW
Menzies, Sir Robert Gordon, 1894-1978 ODNB WWW
Menzies, Sir Sir Stewart Graham, 1890–1968 ODNB WWW
Meux, Sir Hedworth, 1856-1929 ODNB WWW
Meyer, Eugene, 1875-1959   WWW
Middleton, Drew, 1914-1990   WWW
Millar, Frederick Robert Hoyer, first Baron Inchyra, 1900-1989 ODNB WWW
Millard, Sir Guy (Elwin), b. 1917   WWW
Milne, Sir (Archibald) Berkeley, second Baronet, 1855-1938 ODNB WWW
Milne, Sir John Sydney Wardlaw, 1879-1967 ODNB WWW
Milner, Alfred, Viscount Milner, 1854-1925 ODNB WWW
Milnes, Robert Offley Ashburton Crewe, marquess of Crewe, 1858-1945 ODNB WWW
Mitchell-Thomson, William, first Baron Selsdon, 1877-1938   WWW
Mitcheson, Sir George Gibson, 1883-1955   WWW
Mitford, Thomas David Freeman-, 1909-1945   WWW
Molotov, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, 1890-1986   WWW
Molson, Hugh (Elsdale), Baron Molson, 1903-1991   WWW
Monckton, Bridget, 11th Lady Ruthven of Freeland, 1896-1982   WWW
Monckton, Walter Turner, first Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, 1891-1965 ODNB WWW
Mond, Julian Edward Alfred, third Baron Melchett, 1925-1973 ODNB  
Money, Sir Leo George Chiozza, 1870-1944 ODNB WWW
Montacute, Rupert Charles, Lord Nevill, 1923-1982   WWW
Montagu, (Alexander) Victor Edward Paulet, tenth earl of Sandwich, 1906-1995 ODNB WWW
Montagu, Edwin Samuel, 1879-1924 ODNB WWW
Montgomery, Bernard Law [Monty], first Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, 1887-1976 ODNB WWW
Montgomery, David Bernard, second Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, b. 1928   WWW
Montgomery, Ian, 1913-1971   WWW
Moore, Sir Archibald Gordon Henry Wilson, 1862-1934   WWW
Moore, Sir Thomas (Cecil Russell), 1886-1971   WWW
Morgenthau, Henry, 1891-1967   WWW
Morley, John, Viscount Morley of Blackburn, 1838-1923 ODNB WWW
Morley, Sir James Wycliffe Headlam, 1863-1929 ODNB WWW
Morris, Sir Philip Robert, 1901-1979 ODNB WWW
Morris, William Richard, Viscount Nuffield, 1877-1963 ODNB WWW
Morrison, Herbert Stanley, Baron Morrison of Lambeth, 1888-1965 ODNB WWW
Morrison, John William, second Viscount Dunrossil, 1926-2000 ODNB WWW
Morrison, William Shepherd, first Viscount Dunrossil, 1893-1961 ODNB WWW
Morton, Sir Desmond John Falkiner, 1891-1971 ODNB WWW
Moseley, Sir George (Walker), 1925-2011   WWW
Mountbatten, Louis Alexander, first marquess of Milford Haven, 1854-1921 ODNB WWW
Mountbatten, Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas, first Earl Mountbatten of Burma, 1900-1979 ODNB WWW
Mowatt, Sir Francis, 1837-1919 ODNB WWW
Moynihan, Patrick Berkeley, second Baron Moynihan, 1906-1995   WWW
Munnings, Sir Alfred James, 1878-1959 ODNB WWW
Munro, Robert, Baron Alness, 1868-1955 ODNB WWW
Murphy, Robert Daniel, 1894-1978   WWW
Murray, (George) Gilbert Aime, 1866-1957 ODNB WWW
Murray, Alexander William Charles Oliphant, Baron Murray of Elibank, 1870-1920 ODNB WWW
Murray, John George Stewart, eighth duke of Atholl, 1871-1942 ODNB WWW
Murray, Katharine Marjory Stewart, duchess of Atholl, 1874-1960 ODNB WWW
Murray, Katharine Marjory Stewart-, duchess of Atholl, 1874-1960 ODNB WWW
Murray, Sir Oswyn Alexander Ruthven, 1873-1936 ODNB WWW
Mussolini, Benito, 1883-1945   WWW