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Each individual included here has been mentioned ten times or more in the catalogue for the Churchill Archive. People are listed by name with titles in parentheses.

Where individuals are present in the online editions of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and/or Who Was Who, links are provided to the relevant pages. (Note that subscription to the Churchill Archive does not include subscription to these products.)

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Labouchere, Henry Du Pre, 1831-1912 ODNB WWW
Lambert, George, first Viscount Lambert, 1866-1958 ODNB WWW
Lambert, Sir Cecil Foley, 1864-1928   WWW
Lampson, Miles Wedderburn, first Baron Killearn, 1880-1964 ODNB WWW
Lampson, Oliver Stillingfleet Locker-, 1880-1954   WWW
Lane, John, 1854-1925 ODNB WWW
Lang, (William) Cosmo Gordon, Baron Lang of Lambeth, 1864-1945 ODNB WWW
Lascelles, Sir Alan Frederick, 1887-1981 ODNB WWW
Laski, Harold Joseph, 1893-1950 ODNB WWW
Laski, Nathan, 1863-1941   WWW
Lauder, Sir Henry [Harry], 1870-1950 ODNB WWW
Lavery, Sir John, 1856-1941 ODNB WWW
Law, Andrew Bonar, 1858-1923 ODNB WWW
Law, Richard Kidston, first Baron Coleraine, 1901-1980 ODNB WWW
Lawrence, Bernard Edwin, 1901-1988   WWW
Lawrence, Thomas Edward [Lawrence of Arabia], 1888-1935 ODNB WWW
Layton, Walter Thomas, first Baron Layton, 1884-1966 ODNB WWW
Leathers, Frederick James, first Viscount Leathers, 1883-1965 ODNB WWW
Lee, Arthur Hamilton, Viscount Lee of Fareham, 1868-1947 ODNB WWW
Leeper, Sir Reginald Wildig Allen [Rex], 1888-1968 ODNB WWW
Leigh, Vivien, 1913-1967 ODNB WWW
Leishman, Frederick John, 1919-2006   WWW
Leslie, Leonie Blanche, 1859-1943    
Leslie, Sir John Randolph [Shane], third Baronet, 1885-1971 ODNB WWW
Leveson, Sir Arthur Cavenagh, 1868-1929   WWW
Lewis, Essington, 1881-1961   WWW
Lindbergh, Charles Augustus, 1902-1974   WWW
Lindemann, Frederick Alexander, Viscount Cherwell, 1886-1957 ODNB WWW
Lindsay, David Alexander Robert, twenty eighth earl of Crawford and eleventh earl of Balcarres, 1900-1975 ODNB WWW
Lindsay, Sir Ronald Charles, 1877-1945 ODNB WWW
Lister, Philip Cunliffe [Philip Lloyd Greame], first earl of Swinton, 1884-1972 ODNB WWW
Llewellin, John Jestyn, Baron Llewellin, 1893-1957 ODNB WWW
Lloyd, George Ambrose, first Baron Lloyd, 1879-1941 ODNB WWW
Lloyd, (John) Selwyn Brooke, Baron Selwyn-Lloyd, 1904–1978 ODNB WWW
Lockhart, John Gilbert, 1891-1960   WWW
Long, Richard Eric Onslow, third Viscount Long, 1892-1967   WWW
Long, Walter Hume, first Viscount Long, 1854-1924 ODNB WWW
Lotbinière, Seymour Joly de, 1905-1984   WWW
Loveday, Thomas, 1875-1966   WWW
Low, Sir David Alexander Cecil, 1891-1963 ODNB WWW
Low, Sir Sidney James Mark, 1857-1932 ODNB WWW
Lowther, Sir Henry Crofton, 1858-1939   WWW
Luce, Henry Robinson, 1898-1967   WWW
Lugard, Frederick John Dealtry, Baron Lugard, 1858-1945 ODNB WWW
Lumsden, Herbert, 1897-1945   WWW
Lusty, Sir Robert (Frith), 1909-1991   WWW
Lutyens, Sir Edwin Landseer, 1869-1944 ODNB WWW
Lyttelton, Alfred, 1857-1913 ODNB WWW
Lyttelton, Oliver, first Viscount Chandos, 1893-1972 ODNB WWW
Lytton, Neville Stephen Bulwer-, third earl of Lytton, 1879-1951 ODNB WWW
Lytton, Pamela Frances Audrey, 1873/4-1971    
Lytton, Victor Alexander George Robert Bulwer, second earl of Lytton, 1876-1947 ODNB WWW