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Each individual included here has been mentioned ten times or more in the catalogue for the Churchill Archive. People are listed by name with titles in parentheses.

Where individuals are present in the online editions of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and/or Who Was Who, links are provided to the relevant pages. (Note that subscription to the Churchill Archive does not include subscription to these products.)

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Jackson, Sir (Francis) Stanley, 1870-1947 ODNB WWW
Jackson, Sir Henry Bradwardine, 1855-1929 ODNB WWW
Jacob, Sir (Edward) Ian Claud, 1899-1993 ODNB WWW
Jagatjit Singh Bahadur, 1872-1949   WWW
Jai Singh Prabhakar, 1882-1937   WWW
James, Henry, Baron James of Hereford, 1828-1911 ODNB WWW
James, Robert Leoline, 1905-1982   WWW
Jarrett, Sir Clifford (George), 1909-1995   WWW
Jellicoe, John Rushworth, first Earl Jellicoe, 1859-1935 ODNB WWW
Jenkin, Charles Patrick Fleeming, Baron Jenkin of Roding, b. 1926   WWW
Jennings, Louis John, 1836-1893 ODNB  
Jerome, Leonard Walter, 1817-1891    
Jerram, Sir (Thomas Henry) Martyn, 1858-1933 ODNB WWW
John, Augustus Edwin, 1878-1961 ODNB WWW
Johnston, Thomas, 1881-1965 ODNB WWW
Johnstone, Harcourt, 1895-1945   WWW
Jones, Reginald Victor, 1911-1997 ODNB WWW
Jones, Sir Alfred Lewis, 1845-1909 ODNB WWW
Juddha Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana, 1875-1952   WWW