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Each individual included here has been mentioned ten times or more in the catalogue for the Churchill Archive. People are listed by name with titles in parentheses.

Where individuals are present in the online editions of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and/or Who Was Who, links are provided to the relevant pages. (Note that subscription to the Churchill Archive does not include subscription to these products.)

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Eade, Charles Stanley, 1903-1964 ODNB WWW
Eastwood, Christopher Gilbert, 1905-1983   WWW
Eccles, David McAdam, first Viscount Eccles, 1904-1999 ODNB WWW
Ede, James Chuter Chuter, Baron Chuter Ede, 1882-1965 ODNB WWW
Eden, (Robert) Anthony, first earl of Avon, 1897-1977 ODNB WWW
Eden, Clarissa Anne, Lady Avon, b. 1920    
Edmonds, Sir James Edward, 1861-1956 ODNB WWW
Edmondson, Albert James, first Baron Sandford, 1887-1959   WWW
Edward VII, 1841-1910 ODNB  
Edward VIII, 1894-1972 ODNB  
Egville, Sir Howard d', d. 1965   WWW
Eisenhower, Dwight David, 1890-1969   WWW
Elath, Eliahu, 1903-1990   WWW
Elias, Julius Salter, Viscount Southwood, 1873-1946 ODNB WWW
Elizabeth II, b. 1926    
Elizabeth [Lady Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes Lyon], 1900-2002 ODNB  
Elliot, Walter Elliot, 1888-1958 ODNB WWW
Emery, Eleanor Jean, 1918-2007   WWW
Epstein, Sir Jacob, 1880-1959 ODNB WWW
Errington, Sir Eric, 1900-1973   WWW
Erskine, John Francis Ashley, Lord Erskine, 1895-1953 ODNB WWW
Evans, Sir (Worthington) Laming Worthington, first Baronet, 1868-1931 ODNB WWW
Evans, Sir Arthur, 1898-1958   WWW
Evans, Sir Murland de Grasse, 1907-1946   WWW
Evatt, Herbert Vere, 1894-1965 ODNB WWW
Everest, Elizabeth Ann, 1833-1895