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Each individual included here has been mentioned ten times or more in the catalogue for the Churchill Archive. People are listed by name with titles in parentheses.

Where individuals are present in the online editions of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and/or Who Was Who, links are provided to the relevant pages. (Note that subscription to the Churchill Archive does not include subscription to these products.)

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D'Eyncourt, Sir Eustace Henry William Tennyson-, first Baronet, 1868-1951 ODNB WWW
Daisy, Princess of Pless (Mary Theresa Olivia), d. 1943   WWW
Dalton, (Edward) Hugh Neale, Baron Dalton, 1887-1962 ODNB WWW
Dane, William Surrey, 1892-1978   WWW
Darlan, Jean François, 1881-1942   WWW
Darling, Charles John, first Baron Darling, 1849-1936 ODNB WWW
Darling, Sir William Young, 1885-1962   WWW
Darvall, Frank Ongley, 1906-1987   WWW
Davenport, Cyril James, 1848-1941   WWW
Davidson, (Frances) Joan, Viscountess Davidson and Baroness Northchurch, 1894-1985 ODNB WWW
Davidson, John Colin Campbell, first Viscount Davidson, 1889-1970 ODNB WWW
Davies, (Claude) Nigel (Byam), 1920-2004   WWW
Davies, Clement Edward, 1884-1962 ODNB WWW
Davies, David Percy, 1891-1946   WWW
Davies, David, first Baron Davies, 1880-1944 ODNB WWW
Davies, Gwen    
Davies, Joseph Edward, 1876-1958   WWW
Dawson, (George) Geoffrey, 1874-1944 ODNB WWW
Deakin, Sir (Frederick) William Dampier [Bill], 1913-2005 ODNB WWW
Dennys, Rodney Onslow, 1911-1993   WWW
Dewar, Kenneth Gilbert Balmain, 1879-1964   WWW
Dick, Sir William Reid, 1879-1961 ODNB WWW
Dickson, (Horatio Henry) Lovat, 1902-1987   WWW
Diefenbaker, John George, 1895-1979 ODNB WWW
Diggle, Neston William, 1880-1963   WWW
Dilke, Sir Charles Wentworth, second Baronet, 1843-1911 ODNB WWW
Dill, Sir John Greer, 1881-1944 ODNB WWW
Disraeli, Benjamin, earl of Beaconsfield, 1804-1881 ODNB  
Dixon, Leslie Charles Graham-, 1901-1986   WWW
Dixon, Sir Pierson John [Bob], 1904-1965 ODNB WWW
Dodds, George Christopher Buchanan, 1916-1995   WWW
Dodge, John Bigelow, 1894-1960   WWW
Donald, Sir Robert, 1860-1933 ODNB WWW
Donner, Sir Patrick William, 1904-1988   WWW
Douglas, Lewis Williams, 1894-1974   WWW
Douglas, Lord Alfred Bruce, 1870-1945 ODNB WWW
Dowding, Hugh Caswall Tremenheere, first Baron Dowding, 1882-1970 ODNB WWW
Downs, Brian Westerdale, 1893-1984   WWW
Drawbell, James Wedgwood, 1899-1979   WWW
Drew, George Alexander, 1894-1973   WWW
Drew, Sir Arthur (Charles Walter), 1912-1993   WWW
Driberg, Thomas Edward Neil, Baron Bradwell, 1905-1976 ODNB WWW
Duckham, Sir Arthur McDougall, 1879-1932 ODNB WWW
Duff, Sir Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant, 1829-1906 ODNB WWW
Dugdale, Thomas Lionel, first Baron Crathorne, 1897-1977 ODNB WWW
Duncan, Sir Andrew Rae, 1884-1952 ODNB WWW
Dundas, Lawrence John Lumley, second marquess of Zetland, 1876-1961 ODNB WWW
Dunhill, Sir Thomas Peel, 1876-1957 ODNB WWW
Dunn, Sir James (Hamet), 1875-1956   WWW