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Each individual included here has been mentioned ten times or more in the catalogue for the Churchill Archive. People are listed by name with titles in parentheses.

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Cadogan, Sir Alexander George Montagu, 1884-1968 ODNB WWW
Cadogan, Sir Edward (Cecil George), 1880-1962   WWW
Caillard, Sir Vincent Henry Penalver, 1856-1930 ODNB WWW
Caird, Sir James Key, Baronet, 1837-1916 ODNB WWW
Calvert, Norman Hilton, b. 1925   WWW
Cambridge, Alexander Augustus Frederick William Alfred George, earl of Athlone, 1874-1957 ODNB WWW
Carden, Sir Sackville Hamilton, 1857-1930 ODNB WWW
Carnegie, Sir Lancelot Douglas, 1861-1933   WWW
Carpenter, John Archibald Boyd, Baron Boyd Carpenter, 1908-1998 ODNB WWW
Carr, Sir (William) Emsley, 1867-1941 ODNB WWW
Carson, Edward Henry, Baron Carson, 1854-1935 ODNB WWW
Carter, (Helen) Violet Bonham [(Helen) Violet Asquith], Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury, 1887-1969 ODNB WWW
Carter, Mark Raymond Bonham, Baron Bonham-Carter, 1922-1994 ODNB WWW
Carter, Sir Maurice Bonham, 1880-1960   WWW
Carton de Wiart, Sir Adrian, 1880-1963 ODNB WWW
Cary, Sir Robert, 1898-1979   WWW
Casey, Richard Gavin Gardiner, Baron Casey, 1890-1976 ODNB WWW
Cassel, Sir Ernest Joseph, 1852-1921 ODNB WWW
Cassel, Sir Felix Maximilian Schoenbrunn, first Baronet, 1869-1953 ODNB WWW
Catroux, Georges, 1877-1969   WWW
Caulcott, Thomas Holt, b. 1927   WWW
Cave, George, Viscount Cave, 1856-1928 ODNB WWW
Cavendish, Edward William Spencer, tenth duke of Devonshire, 1895-1950   WWW
Cavendish, Spencer Compton, marquess of Hartington and eighth duke of Devonshire, 1833-1908 ODNB  
Cavendish, Victor Christian William, ninth duke of Devonshire, 1868-1938 ODNB WWW
Cazalet, Victor Alexander, 1896-1943 ODNB WWW
Cecil, (Edgar Algernon) Robert Gascoyne [Lord Robert Cecil], Viscount Cecil of Chelwood, 1864-1958 ODNB WWW
Cecil, Hugh Richard Heathcote Gascoyne, Baron Quickswood, 1869-1956 ODNB WWW
Cecil, James Edward Hubert Gascoyne, fourth marquess of Salisbury, 1861-1947 ODNB WWW
Cecil, Robert Arthur James Gascoyne, fifth marquess of Salisbury, 1893-1972 ODNB WWW
Chair, Sir Dudley Rawson Stratford de, 1864-1958 ODNB WWW
Chair, Somerset Struben de, 1911-1995   WWW
Chamberlain, (Arthur) Neville, 1869-1940 ODNB  
Chamberlain, Joseph [Joe], 1836-1914 ODNB WWW
Chamberlain, Sir (Joseph) Austen, 1863-1937 ODNB  
Chancellor, Sir John Robert, 1870-1952 ODNB WWW
Chaplin, Henry, first Viscount Chaplin, 1840-1923 ODNB WWW
Charles I, 1600-1649 ODNB  
Charles II, 1630-1685 ODNB  
Charles, Sir Noel Hughes Havelock, 1891-1975   WWW
Charteris, Sir Evan, 1864-1940   WWW
Chatfield, (Alfred) Ernle Montacute, first Baron Chatfield, 1873-1967 ODNB WWW
Chetwode, Philip Walhouse, first Baron Chetwode, 1869–1950 ODNB WWW
Chiang Kai-shek, 1887-1975   WWW
Chifley, Joseph Benedict [Ben], 1885-1951 ODNB WWW
Cholmondeley, George Horatio Charles, fifth Marquess of Cholmondeley, 1883-1968   WWW
Christ, George Elgie, 1904-1972   WWW
Christian, Arthur Henry, 1863-1926   WWW
Christiansen, Arthur Robin, 1904-1963 ODNB WWW
Churchill, Arabella, 1949-2007    
Churchill, Charles Richard John Spencer-, ninth duke of Marlborough, 1871-1934   WWW
Churchill, Charles, 1656-1714 ODNB  
Churchill, Clementine Ogilvy Spencer, Baroness Spencer Churchill, 1885-1977 ODNB WWW
Churchill, Edward George Spencer, 1876-1964   WWW
Churchill, Frances Anne Spencer-, duchess of Marlborough, 1822-1899    
Churchill, George Charles Spencer-, 1844-1892    
Churchill, Henry Winston [Peregrine], 1913-2002    
Churchill, Jeanette [Jennie; Lady Randolph Churchill], 1854-1921 ODNB WWW
Churchill, John (Strange Spencer), 1880-1947   WWW
Churchill, John Albert Edward William Spencer-, tenth duke of Marlborough, 1897-1972   WWW
Churchill, John George Spencer, 1909-1992   WWW
Churchill, John George Vanderbilt Henry Spencer-, eleventh duke of Marlborough, b. 1926   WWW
Churchill, John Winston Spencer, seventh duke of Marlborough, 1822-1883 ODNB  
Churchill, John, first duke of Marlborough, 1650-1722 ODNB  
Churchill, June    
Churchill, Lady Gwendeline Theresa Mary, 1885-1941    
Churchill, Lord Ivor Charles Spencer, 1898-1956   WWW
Churchill, Lord Randolph Henry Spencer, 1849-1895 ODNB  
Churchill, Marigold, 1918-1921    
Churchill, Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer, 1911-1968 ODNB WWW
Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer, 1874-1965 ODNB WWW
Churchill, Sir Winston, bap. 1620, d. 1688 ODNB  
Ciano, Gian Galeazzo, 1903-1944   WWW
Citrine, Walter McLennan, first Baron Citrine, 1887-1983 ODNB WWW
Clark, Alfred, 1873-1950   WWW
Clark, Mark Wayne, 1896-1984   WWW
Clark, Sir Allen George, 1898-1962 ODNB WWW
Clark, Sir Thomas Fife, 1907-1985 ODNB WWW
Clarke, George Sydenham, Baron Sydenham of Combe, 1848-1933 ODNB WWW
Clarke, Thomas, 1884-1957 ODNB WWW
Clarkson, (George Wensley) Anthony, 1912-1977   WWW
Clasen, Andrew Joseph, 1906-1984   WWW
Clay, Herbert Henry Spender-, 1875-1937   WWW
Clemenceau, Georges, 1841-1929   WWW
Clifford, Sir Bede Edmund Hugh, 1890-1969 ODNB WWW
Cockcroft, Sir John Douglas, 1897-1967 ODNB WWW
Cockran, William Bourke, 1854-1923   WWW
Cocks, Sir (Thomas George) Barnett, 1907-1989   WWW
Cohen, Percy, 1891-1987   WWW
Cohen, Sir Robert Waley, 1877-1952 ODNB WWW
Colefax, Sibyl Sophie Julia, Lady Colefax, 1874-1950 ODNB  
Collins, Michael, 1890-1922 ODNB  
Colman, Sir Nigel Claudian Dalziel, Baronet, 1886-1966 ODNB WWW
Colville, Sir John Rupert, 1915-1987 ODNB WWW
Colvin, Ian Duncan [Rip Van Winkle], 1877-1938 ODNB WWW
Cook, Arthur James, 1885-1931   WWW
Cooper, (Alfred) Duff, first Viscount Norwich, 1890-1954 ODNB WWW
Cooper, Diana Olivia Winifred Maud [known as Lady Diana Cooper], Viscountess Norwich, 1892-1986 ODNB WWW
Coote, Sir Colin Reith, 1893-1979 ODNB WWW
Cope, Sir Alfred William, 1877-1954 ODNB WWW
Cornwallis, Wykeham Stanley, second Baron Cornwallis, 1892-1982   WWW
Coudenhove-Kalergi, Richard Nicolau, 1894-1972   WWW
Courcy, Kenneth Hugh de, d. 1999   WWW
Courtauld, John Sewell, 1880-1942   WWW
Coward, Sir Noel Peirce, 1899-1973 ODNB WWW
Cox, Harold, 1859-1936 ODNB WWW
Cox, Sir Percy Zachariah, 1864-1937 ODNB WWW
Cox, Sir Reginald Henry, 1865-1922   WWW
Craddock, Sir Reginald Henry, 1864-1937 ODNB WWW
Cradock, Sir Christopher George Francis Maurice, 1862-1914 ODNB WWW
Craig, James, first Viscount Craigavon, 1871-1940 ODNB WWW
Craigie, Pearl [pseud. John Oliver Hobbes], 1867-1906 ODNB WWW
Crankshaw, Sir Eric Norman Spencer, 1885-1966   WWW
Creedy, Sir Herbert James, 1878-1973 ODNB WWW
Creswell, Frederic Hugh Page, 1866-1948 ODNB WWW
Cripps, Sir (Richard) Stafford, 1889-1952 ODNB WWW
Croft, Henry Page, first Baron Croft, 1881-1947 ODNB WWW
Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658 ODNB  
Crookshank, Harry Frederick Comfort, first Viscount Crookshank, 1893-1961 ODNB WWW
Crosfield, Domini, (Lady Crosfield), d. 1963   WWW
Crosfield, Sir Arthur Henry, 1865-1938   WWW
Cross, Sir Ronald (Hibbert), 1896-1968   WWW
Crowther, Geoffrey, Baron Crowther, 1907-1972 ODNB WWW
Cudlipp, Percival Thomas James [Percy], 1905-1962 ODNB WWW
Cummins, Herbert Ashley Cunard, 1871-1943   WWW
Cummins, Josephine, b. c. 1900    
Cunningham, Andrew Browne, Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope, 1883-1963 ODNB WWW
Cunningham, Sir John Henry Dacres, 1885-1962 ODNB WWW
Curteis, Sir Gerald, 1892-1972   WWW
Curtin, John, 1885-1945 ODNB WWW
Curtis, Lionel George, 1872-1955 ODNB WWW
Curzon, George Nathaniel, Marquess Curzon of Kedleston, 1859-1925 ODNB WWW
Curzon, Richard George Penn, fourth earl Howe, 1861-1929   WWW
Cust, Sir Lionel Henry, 1859-1929 ODNB WWW
Custance, Sir Reginald Neville [Barfleur], 1847-1935 ODNB WWW