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CHUR 4/200 Literary: "The Second World War", Volume 2 "Their Finest Hour": Reviews.

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CHUR 4/200/11-12

Press cutting of a review of “Their Finest Hour”, Volume 2 of WSC’s war memoirs, “The Second World War”. The review was written by Vermont Royster for the Wall Street Journal. He describes the war as an example of dictatorship versus democracy, with democracy’s weakness being inertia, and dictatorship’s being totalitarianism. Comparing WSC and Adolf Hitler, Royster comments that WSC had nearly dictatorial power, but often had to compromise on major policy, whereas Hitler could override his chiefs, particularly over the disastrous Russian campaign. Royster describes “Their Finest Hour” as a testament not to WSC’s military skill, but to his and Britain’s moral courage, resilience and spiritual strength. He states that the war was won by the individual efforts of all Englishmen, with each feeling an equal in the fight, and counteracting mistakes made by their leaders. Studying WSC’s account of the war, Royster describes it as panoramic, without forgetting the small details which gave the book its impact. He focuses on the Battle of Britain as the key to the story, and as displaying a national unity superior to anything achieved by the Germans. He also points out Britain’s difficulties, praising WSC’s realism, as well as his account of Britain’s achievements. He describes him as serving Britain as well as a historian of the war, as he did while Prime Minister, and compares his writing to that of Gibbon, Macaulay and the King James Bible. Includes covering slip. Newsprint and typed slip.

2 folios
29 Mar 1949