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CHUR 4/170 Literary: "The Second World War", Volume 2 "Their Finest Hour": Chapter 24 "Dakar".

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CHUR 4/170/90-105

Set of printed final galley proofs for chapter on Dakar [Senegal] annotated in pencil by CSC with queries and suggestions, often suggesting less detail "L'art d'ennuyer c'est de tout dire" [the art of irritating, or boring, is to say everything].

Covers: plans for the Dakar expedition; landing Free French forces at Dakar; support for General Charles de Gaulle; meetings of the War Cabinet and Chiefs of Staff; delays in the transmission of messages enabling the passage of Vichy French warships; difficulties caused by weather conditions; details of military engagements; failure and the cessation of action; and negative public opinion in Great Britain and the United States.

Note on first page by Denis Kelly [Literary Assistant to WSC] in blue crayon "Mrs C's comments. Comments are numerous and to the point. This should go to Aix [en Provence, France] as it stands for Mr C to re-read". Also initialled by William Deakin [Literary Assistant to WSC].

16 folios
11 Mar 1948-27 Aug 1948