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CHUR 2/68A-B Public and Political: General: Political: Correspondence D-H.

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CHUR 2/68A/84-89

Copy of a letter from WSC (Hotel du Roy Rene, Aix-en-Provence, [France]) to Anthony [Eden, later 1st Lord Avon] marked "private and confidential" on subjects including: the grave situation in Hyderabad and the need for the Conservative Party to condemn the actions of the government of India; the possibility of German field-marshals being brought to trial; improving relations with the German people and the occupation of Berlin; possible pressure from the Soviet Union concerning war crimes trials; the timing of a four power summit meeting; the possibility that the Soviet Union has the atomic bomb; and public disapproval of the Labour government policy towards the Western Union and European Assembly. He ends by informing [Eden] that he feels that none of the issues, except Hyderabad, necessitates him altering his travel plans.

Unsigned carbon typescript.

6 folios
12 Sep 1948