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CHUR 2/523 Public and Political: General: Private and Personal: Correspondence, Fairbanks - Germany.

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CHUR 2/523/27

Telegram from 1st Lord Freyberg and Barbara, Lady Freyberg (Windsor Castle [Berkshire]) to WSC and CSC (care of Aristotle Onassis's yacht Christina) thanking them for their deeply appreciated cablegram.

1 folio
22 Jul 1960
CHUR 2/523/61-63

Letter from Barbara, Lady Freyberg (Norman Tower, Windsor Castle [Berkshire]) to WSC, thanking him for his letter of condolence on the death of 1st Lord Freyberg. She states that WSC had been Freyberg's inspiration ever since WSC gave him his first chance to serve in the Naval Division in 1914 and recalls how proud Freyberg had been of WSC's friendship. She also explains that she still had cause for thanksgiving, as Freyberg's health had been failing for several months, but he had been able to continue with his activities right up to the day of his death; after a sudden collapse he had passed into unconsciousness quickly before he could have felt any pain or distress. She comments that they had had a wonderful life together, full of interest and adventure. Lady Freyberg states that the funeral was to be held in St George's Chapel [Windsor] on the following day and Freyberg would be buried at St Martin's Church near Guildford, where they had been married over forty years before. She thanks WSC again for his letter, adding that her son Paul was proud to have it too. Signed manuscript and typescript copy, annotated "received 11.7.63" and "Lady Churchill to see".

3 folios
09 Jul 1963