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CHUR 2/481A-H Public and Political: General: Greetings: resignation messages.

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CHUR 2/481/60

Letter from Field Marshal 1st Lord Ironside (Hingham, Norfolk) to WSC, expressing his sadness at WSC's retirement [as Prime Minister] but commenting on how WSC would turn to all his pursuits at home, and hoping that he would live long to enjoy them.

Ironside looks back on all the campaigns where he had served with and under WSC since the South African War, when they were both boys in experience, and recalls the happy memories which WSC had given him. When serving under WSC, Ironside writes that he never had a moment of anxiety, even during the campaign in Archangel [Russia], as he was serving a master who made things easy for him. He particularly recalls telling the Cabinet that the French Army had ceased to fight, suddenly collapsing through the paralysis of its leaders at the moment of crisis. Ironside remembers the instant feeling of confidence in the Army when WSC took command, and counts it at one the greatest moments of WSC's career. As the senior serving soldier of the Army, he salutes WSC on his retirement, saying that the whole Army joined him in saluting the greatest leader Britain had ever known. Ironside then gives his personal best wishes, hoping that WSC and CSC would have all they wanted for the rest of WSC's life. Finally he adds that he still believed the evil power of the Soviet Union would soon collapse from within. Signed manuscript.

1 folio
07 Apr 1955