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CHUR 2/449 Public and Political: General: Greetings: Election and Victory; congratulations and condolences.

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CHUR 2/449/43

Letter from Anne Chamberlain (Hill House, Heckfield, Basingstoke [Hampshire]) to WSC on her distress at the results of the General Election. She explains that she could not help writing to express her sympathy in all that the defeat must mean to him. She adds that she couldn't bear to think of the wrong and dangerous policies which the new Government might adopt, and how hard it was that WSC could not continue his great work to the end. She also comments that one would lose faith in the British character were it not for the misunderstandings fostered in the electorate. She ends by sending her love to Clementine Churchill, hoping to see her when she returned to live in London in the autumn and adds a postscript asking WSC not to reply as she could imagine his world-wide correspondence. Signed manuscript.

1 folio
08 Aug 1945