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CHUR 2/43A-B Public and Political: General: Political: correspondence and papers on India.

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CHUR 2/43/168-169

Copy of a letter from WSC on his concerns about Attlee calling the new India Bill "The Indian Independence Bill". WSC states that he had only supported the bill because he had been assured that it did not relate to independence, but to India's Dominion status and suggests altering the name to "The India Bill, 1947" or "The India Self-Government Bill".

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1 Jul 1947
CHUR 2/43/199-200

Letter from Attlee on Conservative objections to the title of the new India Bill [see CHUR 2/43/168-169]. Attlee states that it was too late to change it even if he had wanted to, and disagrees with WSC's view that Dominion Status was separate from independence. He writes that Dominion Prime Ministers considered their countries to be independent within the Commonwealth, while still giving allegiance to the King and adds that this was a most valuable counter-argument to demands for independence outside the Commonwealth.

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4 Jul 1947