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CHUR 2/4 Public and Political: General: Political: correspondence with Clement Attlee, Prime Minister [from July 1945] (includes copies of wartime documents).

  Reference Description Date range  
CHUR 2/4/48-50

Copy of a letter from WSC to Clement Attlee, Prime Minister, marked "personal and private" thanking him for his draft speech on the Roosevelt Memorial Bill; promising to write again about a publication; and discussing demobilisation figures and the possibility of war with the Soviet Union, noting that the Russians are hampered by two reasons "their virtue and self restraint. The second, the possession by the United States of the Atomic bomb."

Carbon typescript signed with initials.

3 folios
10 Oct 1946
CHUR 2/4/61-63

Copy of a letter from WSC (28, Hyde Park Gate, London) to Clement Attlee, Prime Minister, marked "private" in which he discusses subjects including: publication of their correspondence; information about Soviet forces in Europe; and the Atomic bomb and his agreement with the President [Franklin Roosevelt] that the United Kingdom is entitled to a share of information as well as to bombs. He ends by noting that he feels the public should be informed about the lack of consultation between the government and opposition on foreign policy, peace negotiations and national defence.

Carbon typescript signed with initials. Includes editing marks in red ink [?by WSC] deleting a section of the letter.

3 folios
06 Oct 1946