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CHUR 2/3 Public and Political: General: Political: correspondence and papers on a number of immediate post-war issues (includes copies of wartime documents).

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CHUR 2/3/42-50

Copy of a statement to be issued on WSC's behalf [by Clement Attlee, Prime Minister]. Includes covering note explaining that WSC had prepared the statement prior to the change in government. The statement covers issues including: scientific research in the United Kingdom on atomic fission; responsibilities of the committee under Sir George Thomson; exchange of scientific information with the United States; the key individuals including Sir John Anderson [later 1st Lord Waverley] and Lord Cherwell [earlier Frederick Lindemann]; establishment of the "Tube Alloys" Directorate and the technical committee; relocation of British scientists to the United States; secrecy; the decision to base production in the United States; contributions made by Canada; anxiety about the state of German knowledge and attacks made by British Commandos and Norwegian forces upon stocks of "heavy water"; the importance of American expenditure authorised by Franklin Roosevelt; and hopes for peace.

Carbon typescript. Note that the statement has been paginated incorrectly and folio 48 belongs in front of folio 47.

9 folios
[01-07 Aug 1945]
CHUR 2/3/105

Copy of a message from WSC to Prime Minister [Clement Attlee] marked "personal and secret" about the text of a draft message for [Harry Truman, President of the United States, from Attlee] in which he questions what [Attlee] wishes the Americans to do about sharing information about atomic weapons with the Soviet Union and a reference to an "Act of Faith"; discusses the importance of security in world policy and the timing of a United Nations conference; WSC's agreement with President Roosevelt which constitutes a "special relationship" and almost a "military understanding"; and his conviction that the Unites States should not share knowledge about the atomic bomb except in return for a system of inspection. He ends by sympathising with [Attlee's] anxieties.

Carbon typescript annotated with a note "Show again on return" and in red ink by WSC "Keep for Tuesday meeting". Two further copies at folios 103 and 104.

1 folio
[Oct 1945]