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CHUR 2/230A-B Public and Political: General: Visits and invitations: United States (January - March 1946) S - Z.

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CHUR 2/230B/349-350

Letter from F McCluer, President, Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri [United States] to WSC inviting him to deliver the Green Lecture(s) in 1945-6 at Westminster College, expressing the hope that "any discussions coming from you and delivered from this forum...will be of immense and enduring significance, and will promote the international understanding requisite to the maintenance of peace", informing him that there will be an honorarium, and suggesting publication of the lecture. He encloses an extract from the Instrument of Gift establishing the lecture.

Signed typescript. Includes handwritten note by Harry Truman [President of the United States] "This is a wonderful school in my home state. Hope you can do it. I'll introduce you."

2 folios
03 Oct 1945