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CHUR 2/215 Public and Political: General: Private and Personal: Correspondence with and on Charles Crisp.

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CHUR 2/215/37

Copy of a letter from Joseph Chamberlain (40 Prince's Gardens [London]) to WSC on Charles Crisp [second Conservative candidate for Oldham, Lancashire]. Chamberlain explains that he had delayed answering a letter from WSC in order to make enquiries about Crisp. He explains that as Crisp was a Conservative he would not be able to promote his candidature, as Chamberlain only had influence with Liberal Unionist seats. He adds that he thought Crisp had a good claim on the Conservative Party following his excellent campaign at Oldham, so should get a prominent place on the Conservative list if he were to apply to Conservative Party headquarters. Typescript.

1 folio
14 Jul 1903
CHUR 2/215/39

Copy of a letter from Joseph Chamberlain (Highbury, Moor Green, Birmingham) to Charles Crisp [second Conservative candidate for Oldham, Lancashire]. He states that under present circumstances he could not fully reply to him, as it was impossible for him to comply with Crisp's request at that time, or to take any actions which would divide the Unionist Party even further. Something further might happen, but Chamberlain would wait for new developments. In the circumstances, he informs Crisp that he would not trouble him to come to Birmingham, as Chamberlain could not say anything else or alter his present attitude. He adds that he considered all cases [? of local candidatures] of the kind that had arisen in Croydon [Surrey] as being entirely for the decision of the local party. Typescript.

1 folio
22 Dec 1903