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CHUR 2/190 Public and Political: General: Private and Personal: Correspondence Hon - J.

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CHUR 2/190/95-97

Letter from Field Marshal 1st Lord Ironside (Morley Old Hall, Wymondham [Norfolk]) to WSC's Private Secretary, asking whether WSC would write the foreword to his book, "Archangel, 1918-19". Ironside explains that the book described the army which fought on in the Russian civil war during the winter after the Armistice in 1918. Nothing had been written about them before, but Ironside states that the man who directed their operations [WSC, as Secretary of State for War and Air] would remember what they did. If WSC would consider the matter, Ironside says that he would arrange for the publishers to send him a copy of the book. He would quite understand if WSC felt that he couldn't write the foreword under present political circumstances, but if WSC could, then he would be eternally grateful to his old chief. In a postscript, Ironside adds that he was sure there wasn't anything objectionable in the book. Manuscript with typescript copy.

3 folios
29 Mar 1953