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CHUR 2/187 Public and Political: General: Private and Personal: Correspondence F.

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CHUR 2/187/344

Letter from 1st Lord Freyberg (Windsor Castle [Berkshire]) to Elizabeth Gilliatt [Private Secretary to WSC], explaining that the Reprint Society had asked him to review "Closing the Ring", volume V of WSC's "The Second World War". He encloses a proof copy of his review [at CHUR 2/187/345], adding that he would cut out, alter or tear up anything that did not please WSC. Signed typescript, annotated "I think it is very nice" and "I will write", by WSC.

1 folio
29 Mar 1954
CHUR 2/187/346

Letter from 1st Lord Freyberg (Norman Tower, Windsor Castle [Berkshire]) to WSC, thanking him for his photograph and commenting on the first volume of WSC's new book "The Age of Churchill", as being reviewed with enthusiasm by all who had seen it. Freyberg adds that he had been delighted with his visit to WSC while he was in hospital on 8th August, particularly as he had met nursing staff officers from New Zealand whom he had known during the period after the war. He and his wife send their good wishes and hope for a speedy return to health for WSC. Manuscript

1 folio
19 Aug [1954]
CHUR 2/187/348

Letter from 1st Lord Freyberg (Windsor Castle [Berkshire]) to Anthony Montague Browne, Private Secretary to WSC, confirming that he would be coming to see WSC at 5.00 on 22 November at 28 Hyde Park Gate [London]. Signed typescript.

1 folio
10 Nov 1961