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CHUR 2/169 Public and Political: General: Private and Personal: Correspondence E - G.

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CHUR 2/169/199

Letter from Sir Bernard Freyberg [Governor-General of New Zealand], (Government House, Wellington, New Zealand) to WSC, hoping that CSC was back and strong again; Freyberg states that everyone took the keenest interest in WSC's wellbeing, adding that nowhere would he be more welcome. He explains that he was writing to thank WSC and CSC for their message of congratulation [on Freyberg's peerage]. In a postscript he begs WSC to take life easier, as he might be wanted at any time and comments on militancy in the trades unions shown by the recent strike in New Zealand. Signed manuscript, annotated "Seen by CSC".

1 folio
14 Jun 1951
CHUR 2/169/203

Letter from Sir Bernard Freyberg [Governor-General of New Zealand], (Wellington, New Zealand) to WSC, apologizing for bothering him on a personal matter but explaining that Matthew Oram, Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives, was coming home to Britain for the opening of the new House of Commons. Freyberg writes that Oram was an old friend and would only be in Britain for about eleven days (from 16th to 29th October). He explains that he was sure that Oram would be looked after as a guest, but felt that Oram would also appreciate a word with WSC, and if WSC could manage this, then it would do Freyberg's prestige with the New Zealand Government a great deal of good.

Freyberg adds that he was sorry to see in that day's newspaper that Randolph Churchill had been wounded in Korea and hopes that it wasn't a bad wound. [? Robert] Menzies [Prime Minister of Australia] had told them that he had seen Randolph in Tokyo [Japan], and that he was very well. In a postscript, Freyberg repeats that a word from WSC would greatly enhance his prestige with his Government. Signed typescript.

1 folio
25 Aug 1950
CHUR 2/169/206-207

Letter from Sir Bernard Freyberg [Governor-General of New Zealand], (Government House, Wellington, New Zealand) to WSC, explaining that he was sending him the best ham he could find in New Zealand, via the SS Rangitani, due to arrive in about the last week of May. Freyberg adjures WSC not to give this one away, but to eat it himself. He also states that he had read press extracts from Volume III ["The Grand Alliance", from WSC's "The Second World War"] with great pleasure and interest, particularly over Crete. He comments that it was only possible now to see the true value of the work of Field Marshal 1st Lord Wavell and Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck, adding that it was a pity that WSC hadn't sent Oliver [? Oliver Lyttelton, later 1st Lord Chandos, Minister of State in the Middle East] out earlier. He states that it was also a pity that Wavell hadn't had a better Chief of Staff, as he might have relied on a good one more; Freyberg remarks that Wavell had always been ready to learn from those under him, while Auchinleck wouldn't learn and had tried bullying instead.

Freyberg states that he was particularly interested in the battle for Egypt in June 1942, El Alamein, the turning of the Mareth Line [Tunisia] and also the Italian campaign of 1943-44 and asks WSC if he could send him those chapters to read, as he was anxious that the facts should be correct. Freyberg asks for an answer from WSC's secretary. Signed manuscript.

2 folios
25 Apr 1950