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CHUR 2/163A-B Public and Political: General: Private and Personal: Correspondence H - N.

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CHUR 2/163/301

Letter from Dorothy, Lady Moran [earlier Dorothy Wilson] (129 Harley Street [London]) stating that she believed 1st Lord Moran [earlier Charles Wilson] to be the best doctor in the world, but admitting that he wasn't always able to magic away WSC's colds. She encloses a handkerchief [not present] for WSC to use when Moran could not help him and hopes that it would insure him against more colds (as an umbrella might ward off the rain), as they all looked to WSC for a lead in such troubled times. She adds that the whole family sent homage and love on WSC's birthday. Manuscript.

1 folio
30 Nov 1949