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CHUR 2/158 Public and Political: General: Private and Personal: Correspondence with President Truman.

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CHUR 2/158/47

Copy of a letter from WSC to President Harry Truman, sent with Lewis Douglas [United States Ambassador to Great Britain], expressing admiration for Truman's policies and efforts to "save the world from famine and war"; explaining that he would like to visit the United States but needs to remain because of the political situation; predicting success for the Conservatives in the event of an election; and expressing his support.

Unsigned typescript copy with note that the original was handwritten by WSC.

1 folio
24 Sep 1947
CHUR 2/158/68-69

Copy of a letter from WSC (As from 5905, North Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida) to President Harry Truman including: thanks for the use of a plane which he intends to use to travel to Cuba; the possibility that he will travel to Veracruz [Mexico] to paint; arrangements to meet with Truman to discuss WSC's planned message at Fulton [Missouri, United States]), commenting "I think it very likely that we shall be in full agreement about it. Under your auspices anything I say will command some attention and there is an opportunity for doing some good to this bewildered, baffled and breathless world"; admiration for Harry Hopkins; and congratulations on improvement in the strike situation.

Carbon typescript.

2 folios
29 Jan 1946