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CHUR 2/155 Public and Political: General: Private and Personal: Correspondence Sa - Sk.

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CHUR 2/155/55

Letter from Siegfried Sassoon (Heytesbury House, Wiltshire) to WSC, enclosing a copy of his collected poems [not present] as the best thing he had to offer, explaining that everyone owed WSC more than could ever be repaid or expressed. Sassoon also says that he had heard how hurt WSC had been at the result of the 1945 General Election, and so WSC might wonder if his fellow countrymen were grateful for his inspiration and leadership during the war. He assures WSC that he should never doubt this, as what he had done for England was for all time and its value incalculable. He explains that he was saying this because even the most illustrious were none the worse for reassurance, and it was a comfort to Sassoon himself to say it. Signed manuscript.

1 folio
05 Oct 1947