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CHUR 2/123 Public and Political: General: Political: Conservative Party literature for the 1951 election.

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CHUR 2/123/3

Pamphlet detailing Conservative election policy under a number of headings: "Pillars of Peace" on measures to support the British empire and Commonwealth (including an Empire economic conference, imperial preference), the unity of the English speaking peoples, the United Nations and hopes that Soviet Russia will join it, and support for the rearmament programme; "Increase national output"; "Halt to nationalisation" including industrial measures, and the repeal of the Iron and Steel Act, transport, and monitoring of nationalised industries by the Monopolies Commission; "Partnership in industry" on liaison with the Trade Unions and hopes to introduce equal pay for men and women; "Priority for housing" on social measures including housing, health and education, town planning and development changes; "Better food supplies"; and "Servants of the Nation" on opposition to socialism, pressing forward the Unionist plan for Scotland to ensure effective Scottish control of Scottish affairs and a Cabinet Minister in charge of Welsh affairs.

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