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CHUR 1/54 Personal: Family etc.: Lord and Lady Moran, C P Wilson, Geoffrey and John Wilson.

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CHUR 1/54/1

Letter from Dorothy, Lady Moran [earlier Dorothy Wilson] (129 Harley Street [London]) to WSC, on an argument between himself and his doctor, 1st Lord Moran [earlier Charles Wilson]. She explains that Moran told her he had lost his temper and said "some very foolish things", and considered that he had been entirely to blame, adding that it had been a terrible experience for both Moran and herself as they were devoted to WSC. Lady Moran writes that Moran could not sleep and was breaking his heart because he felt that WSC might no longer respect him, but dared not come to apologize because he did not want to take up any more of WSC's time over personal matters; also that Moran felt it was unforgivable to have done this at any time, but especially when WSC was working under stress. Finally she asks WSC to forgive Moran for his own sake and hers.

1 folio
19 Nov 1951
CHUR 1/54/55

Letter from Dorothy, Lady Moran [earlier Dorothy Wilson] (25 Bryanston Square [London]) to WSC, expressing her deep and heartfelt gratitude for his generosity to herself and her children. She explains that over the last seven years WSC's generosity had made things possible which she had previously only dreamed about and thanks him for his continued kindness.

1 folio
10 Nov 1956