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CHAR 8/546 Literary: various correspondence.

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CHAR 8/546/159-160

Letter from Ivy, Lady Chamberlain (41 Lennox Gardens [London]) to WSC, explaining that the Chairman of the Anglo-French Art and Travel Society had asked her to invite WSC to be their guest at a dinner in Paris [France] on 21st January. She explains that Sir [Joseph] Austen Chamberlain had given them a speech the previous year, and both they and she would be very grateful if WSC would do it this year.

Lady Chamberlain also states that Sir Charles Petrie was going to write Austen Chamberlain's biography, and asks WSC if he would write the foreword. She tells him that this would give her great pleasure and would be a proper finish to the book. She also regrets that WSC and CSC could not dine with her on the previous evening, as she was off to Rome [Italy] for two months and would like to see WSC before she went; she asks if WSC could suggest a time to meet.

2 folios
23 Nov 1937