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CHAR 8/487 Literary: "Marlborough: his life and times", volumes 1 and 2: letters of thanks and congratulation.

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CHAR 8/487/27

Letter from [Arthur] Neville Chamberlain (37 Eaton Square [London]) to WSC, thanking him for volume II of "Marlborough: his life and times". Chamberlain writes that the reviews which he had seen promised that the second volume would be even more interesting than the first, and looks forward to reading it. He wishes WSC a good holiday and also hopes that he had made a lot of money from the scenario [for the film of "The Reign of King George V"].

1 folio
26 Oct 1934
CHAR 8/487/28

Letter from Sir [Joseph] Austen Chamberlain (58 Rutland Gate [London]) to WSC thanking him for volume II of "Marlborough: his life and times". He recalls how well Churchill had succeeded in the first volume in dealing with the difficult stage of Marlborough's career and looks forward to his taking the story on with his characteristic sweep.

Chamberlain also comments on the Indian situation, fearing that he and WSC would come into public conflict on the matter in the next few months. He regrets this, while acknowledging that neither of them would avoid their duty as they saw it and hopes that their friendship would not be affected. He asks WSC to let him know if anything he might say hurt him, explaining that at his age he couldn't afford to lose old friends.

1 folio
25 Oct 1934
CHAR 8/487/48

Letter from Lieutenant-General Bernard Freyberg (7 Clarendon Place, Hyde Park [London]) to WSC, thanking him for the signed copy of volume II of "Marlborough: his life and times". Freyberg also mentions his promotion to Lieutenant-General, stating that none of the four or five hundred letters of congratulation which he had received had given him more satisfaction than WSC's. Returning to "Marlborough", Freyberg compliments WSC on his summary of the period in volume I and adds that he would send his own copy of volume II to his mother and keep the inscribed copy himself to read. In a postscript, he adds that he was off to a course for generals with the French army in Paris.

1 folio
29 Oct 1934