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CHAR 8/47 Literary: The World Crisis, Volume 2.

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CHAR 8/47/8

Letter from [Joseph] Austen Chamberlain (2 Morpeth Mansions [London]) to WSC, thanking him for sending him a copy of his book [Volume 2 of "The World Crisis"]. Chamberlain adds that this time he had not read the extracts serialised in the Times first, so that he could enjoy the whole book.

Writing on the political situation, Chamberlain fears that if Stanley Baldwin was serious [about reintroducing protection and calling a General Election], then he and WSC would be on opposite sides again. He regrets this, saying how much he had enjoyed working with WSC and stating that they must keep up their friendship whatever happened politically. Chamberlain adds that WSC's course was probably now simplified, though not in the way that they had both hoped.

1 folio
31 Oct 1923