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CHAR 8/28 Literary: Correspondence.

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CHAR 8/28/27

Letter from Joseph Chamberlain (Highbury, Moor Green, Birmingham [Warwickshire]) to WSC, thanking him for a copy of WSC's book "My African Journey". Chamberlain explains that he had not yet had time to read it but was looking forward to it as he enjoyed WSC's biography of Lord Randolph Churchill. He recalls admiring WSC's decision to visit Africa, as WSC was becoming Under-Secretary for the Colonies. He also remembers visiting East Africa himself, though at that time when Chamberlain was at the Colonial Office, East Africa was under the Foreign Office, and remembers seeing that there were a lot of problems to deal with.

Chamberlain also congratulates WSC on his promotion [to President of the Board of Trade] while regretting that he had not completed his work at the Colonial Office. He comments that ministers' term in office was probably too short for the public good, but hopes that WSC's example in visiting the Colonies would be followed by others who might end in a responsible position at Downing Street.

1 folio
15 Dec 1908