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CHAR 8/269 Literary: Letters of congratulation to WSC or letters thanking him for complimentary copies of "My Early Life".

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CHAR 8/269/23

Letter from Sir [Joseph] Austen Chamberlain (58 Rutland Gate [London]) to WSC, thanking him for sending him a copy of his new book ["My Early Life"]. Chamberlain comments on the favourable review of the book in the Times that morning and explains what a pleasure it was to have it as a gift from WSC, as their friendship was of such long standing, of a kind that became more precious as the years went on.

Chamberlain hopes that he had not seemed rude at a recent business committee meeting, explaining that if he had spoken roughly it was because he was so anxious that WSC should not cut himself off from his natural political home. He goes on to say how much the scene had changed since they both first formed their political views, and was still changing. At such a time political consistency had to be through purpose, rather than means and methods. He and WSC had different natures and often different political views, but had worked well and achieved a lot together and Chamberlain hopes that they would continue to be colleagues as well as friends as long as he remained in politics.

1 folio
20 Oct 1930