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CHAR 8/22 Literary: Correspondence on books and articles, almost all concerning "Life of Lord Randolph Churchill".

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CHAR 8/22/24

Letter from Joseph Chamberlain (40 Prince's Gardens [London]) to WSC, thanking him for a note and stating that he had no objection to the publication of a letter from Lord Randolph Churchill to Lord Salisbury [in WSC's biography of his father]. Chamberlain adds that as it was such a long time ago, he did not remember the details of his conversation with [Lord Randolph], though he did remember his meeting with him.

Chamberlain congratulates WSC on his publishing contract with Macmillan and Company Limited and adds that the forthcoming election was unlikely to interfere with the publication date, but advises WSC not to delay beyond that date. He ends by wishing that the fight were over and expects a lively period in which he would enjoy himself.

1 folio
09 Nov 1905