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CHAR 8/211 Literary: Letters of congratulation to WSC or letters thanking him for complimentary copies of Volume 3 of "The World Crisis".

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 8/211/28

Letter from Sir [Joseph] Austen Chamberlain (2 Morpeth Mansions [London]) to WSC, thanking him for sending him copies of his new books [Volume 3 of "The World Crisis", parts 1 and 2]. Chamberlain relates how an old friend of his had said that WSC might or might not be right, but was the only war writer to make things clear, and had also praised WSC's style, particularly for its lucidity.

1 folio
02 Mar 1927
CHAR 8/211/51

Letter from [Arthur] Neville Chamberlain (Ministry of Health [London]) to WSC, thanking him for sending him a copy of his new book [Volume 3 of "The World Crisis"]. Chamberlain adds that he had been reading extracts from the book in the Times and hadn't known whether to admire WSC's language, vividness of description or the interest of his views most. He expresses his amazement that WSC had found time to write such a book, and had been able to compress his material so effectively. Chamberlain ends by thanking WSC again and by saying how proud he was to have a signed copy.

1 folio
04 Mar 1927