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CHAR 7/30 Political: Constituency, Epping [Essex]: correspondence I-K.

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CHAR 7/30/4

Newsprint issue of the Miners' Campaign Special (number 5), by the Mineworkers' Federation of Great Britain. It details the Government's responsibility to the miners, particularly following the failure to modernise, wasteful competition through the use of coal selling agencies, the disastrous results of the 1930 Coal Mines Act and reiterates the need for the Government to increase miners' wages. It also quotes from a speech by George Peake, Chairman of the Airedale Collieries Limited, supporting the miners' case, reports a speech by 1st Lord Sankey [Chairman of the 1919 Coal Industry Commission] recommending nationalisation of the mines and agreeing that wages should rise and reprints a Daily Express article on the case for higher wages.

1 folio
Dec 1935