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CHAR 28/97 Acquired Papers. Letters from Lady Randolph Churchill to Lord Randolph Churchill concerning the disagreement between Lord Randolph and Albert Edward, Prince of Wales about an affair between Lord Blandford, later George, 8th Duke of Marlborough and Edith, lady Aylesford. All items are manuscript and signed unless otherwise described.

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CHAR 28/97/1-3

Letter from [Lady Randolph Churchill] to [Lord Randolph Churchill] in which she informs him that his parents [John, 7th Duke of Marlborough and Frances, Duchess of Marlborough] are to remain in Paris [France] and that his father does not want him to show a letter to [Lord] Blandford [later George, 8th Duke of Marlborough]. She comments that his father is "much disgusted" by a letter from Blandford, who would like to divorce "Bertha" [Albertha, Lady Blandford]; says that she hopes her letter to [the Duchess of Marlborough] will resolve their misunderstanding; describes a visit by Edward [Marjoriebanks, later 2nd Lord Tweedmouth] to Paris; comments on the extraordinary behaviour of the "P" [Albert Edward, Prince of Wales] in India and says that she is sure that he will "abuse" them to [Helen von] Hatzfeldt.

3 folios
19 Apr [1876]
CHAR 28/97/4-6

Letter from [Lady Randolph Churchill](Paris [France]) to [Lord Randolph Churchill] including: the decision of HRH [Albert Edward, Prince of Wales] to reject reconciliation with [Lord Randolph]; the roles of [5th Lord] Hardwicke and [Benjamin] Disraeli [later Lord Beaconsfield and Lord Hughendon]; comments on the "mad" behaviour of [Lord Blandford, later George, 8th Duke of Marlborough; the future arrival of [Leonard Jerome]; her treatment by people in Paris which she describes as "civil enough"; financial affairs and her clothes.

3 folios
CHAR 28/97/7-8

Letter from [Lady Randolph Churchill]([Paris, France]) to [Lord Randolph Churchill] including: her journey; an apology about his medicine; and a request to hear the result of the interview between HRH [Albert Edward, Prince of Wales] and [John, 7th Duke of Marlborough].

2 folios
CHAR 28/97/9-10

Letter from [Lady Randolph Churchill]( Vice Regal Lodge, Dublin [Ireland]) to [Lord Randolph Churchill] including: a description of a ride with several people; a painting lesson with Miss Underwood; her cold; Colonel Forster's high opinion of him; [William] Fellowes [later 2nd Lord de Ramsey's] opinion that "the HRH affair" [the disagreement between Albert Edward, Prince of Wales and Lord Randolph] is no longer talked about in the Clubs; and the unpopularity of a bill which [Lord Randolph] is attempting to introduce.

2 folios
CHAR 28/97/11-13

Copy of a letter from [Lord Blandford, later George, 8th Duke of Marlborough]([The Hague, Belgium]) to [Lord Randolph Churchill] in which he says he will remain until he hears from him. He discusses the likelihood that [Lord] A[ylesfor]d may pursue him; says that he is confident "this cannot do for me" and that he intends to return when HRH [Albert Edward, Prince of Wales] has so that the latter can be "nicely compromised". He asks [Lord Randolph] to keep him informed, says that [Lord Randolph] is partly responsible for the current situation, asks him to forward a letter to "E" [Edith, Lady Aylesford] and threatens violence against [the Prince] and [Lord Aylesford]. In the hand of Lady Randolph Churchill.

3 folios
05 Apr 1876
CHAR 28/97/14

Filing slip describing the contents of CHAR 28/97 as undated letters from Lady Randolph Churchill to Lord Randolph Churchill from Ireland referring to "an affair" involving Lord Blandford [later George, 8th Duke of Marlborough] and [Albert Edward] Prince of Wales. Annotated by Lady Randolph "Blenheim".

1 folio