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CHAR 28/82 Acquired Papers. Papers and an article relating to "Shakespeare's England", an exhibition organised by Lady Randolph Churchill held at Earl's Court.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 28/82/1-8

Offprint of an illustrated article from the Pall Mall Magazine by Reginald Buckley which covers various features of Elizabethan London, history and society and relates them to "Shakespeare's England" organised by [Lady Randolph Churchill]. Printed.

9 615-632p
CHAR 28/82/9-15

Paper by the "Master of the Revels" about the reconstruction of the Globe Theatre, part of "Shakespeare's England", which includes physical details about the theatre and productions which are to take place there. Typescript annotated by Lady Randolph Churchill.

7 [6] 3-5 [3]p
CHAR 28/82/16-26

Paper by the "Master of the Revels" about Bartholomew's Fair, part of "Shakespeare's England", which includes physical details about the Empress Hall, stalls, characters, events, proclamations and games. Typescript.

11 folios
CHAR 28/82/27-33

Paper about the ceremony in the banqueting hall, part of "Shakespeare's England", which includes the preparation and ceremonial to be observed; a timetable of events; suggestions for the performance of the pageant of London and the presentation of Samuel Daniel's masque by Patrick Rirwar. Signed typescript.

7 folios
CHAR 28/82/34-36

Paper about the difference between tournaments and jousts taken from Strutt's "Sports and Pastimes". Typescript.

3 folios