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CHAR 28/28 Acquired Papers. Letters and telegrams from WSC to Lady Randolph Churchill. All items are manuscript and signed unless otherwise described.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 28/28/1-2

Telegram from WSC (Woodstock [Oxfordshire]) to Mrs [Cornwallis-]West [Lady Randolph Churchill] expressing concern for her health and reporting that "Sunny" [Charles, 9th Duke of Marlborough] would like her to visit [Blenheim Palace] for New Year. Envelope present.

2 folios
31 Dec 1909
CHAR 28/28/3

Letter from WSC (Home Office, Whitehall) to "Mamma" [Lady Randolph Churchill] discussing arrangements to meet her in Paris [France] with "Clemmie" [CSC]; reporting that his speech on the Veto [of the House of Lords] has "fluttered the dovecotes a good deal". Signed typescript.

1 folio
09 Apr 1910
CHAR 28/28/4-5

Letter from WSC (10 Downing Street, Whitehall) to "Mamma" [Lady Randolph Churchill] returning a letter [see CHAR 28/28/6] with corrections and discussing arrangements for dinner and a visit to The Gaity [Theatre]. Envelope present.

2 folios
19 Apr 1911
CHAR 28/28/6

Letter from Jennie [Cornwallis-West formerly Lady Randolph Churchill] (2 Norfolk Street, Park Lane [London]) to George [Cornwallis-West] in which she asks him to return home and "start afresh" and for respect and consideration, and says that financial affairs can be settled later and that he should understand that he is he returns it is without any pressure or coercion. Manuscript with pencil alterations. Covering letter at CHAR 28/28/6.

1 folio
19 Apr 1911
CHAR 28/28/7

Letter from WSC (Admiralty Yacht) to "Mamma" [Lady Randolph Churchill] expressing sympathy for her troubles [with George Cornwallis-West] and saying that he agrees with her decision and hopes that she may be able to come for a cruise.

1 folio
19 Sep 1912
CHAR 28/28/8

Letter from WSC (Admiralty, Whitehall) to "Mama" [Lady Randolph Churchill] concerning the influence of the Sea Lords over the promotion of Lieutenants with which he cannot interfere.

1 folio
15 Jan 1913
CHAR 28/28/9-10

Letter from WSC (Admiralty, Whitehall) to "Mamma" [Lady Randolph Churchill] inviting her on a Mediterranean cruise with the Asquiths [Herbert Asquith, later Lord Oxford and Asquith and Margot Asquith, later Lady Oxford and Asquith]. Envelope present.

1 folio
24 Apr 1913
CHAR 28/28/11

Letter from WSC (Admiralty Yacht) to "Mamma" [Lady Randolph Churchill] discussing financial affairs and his loan for her exhibition.

1 folio
29 Nov 1913
CHAR 28/28/12-13

Note from WSC (Admiralty, Whitehall) to "Mama" [Lady Randolph Churchill] informing her that he has written to an unidentified correspondent "giving him a good chance to get out of it". Envelope present.

2 folios
[Dec] [1913]
CHAR 28/28/14-15

Letter from WSC (Admiralty, Whitehall) to "Mamma" [Lady Randolph Churchill] about the naval estimates which he describes as "past the danger point". He informs her that he has written to Sir E[dward] Grey about a consulship for "Hugh", and that Lady Blanche [Hozier] is better and that the children are well. In a postscript he makes comments on the poor health of [5th Lord] Rosebery. Envelope present.

2 folios
10 Feb 1914