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CHAR 28/114 Acquired Papers. Archival material (including papers, press cuttings and a photograph) donated to WSC and correspondence relating to the donations.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 28/114/1

Letter from A S Peake (4 Tyrrel Road, East Dulwich [London]) to Edward Marsh concerning the value of a document relating to a game of chess played by Lord Randolph Churchill [see CHAR 28/114/4] which he has sent to WSC.

1 folio
04 Jun 1913
CHAR 28/114/2

Message from WSC (Left Adv[ance]d Patrol 21st L[ancers], near Omdurman [Sudan]) to the Sirdar [Sir Herbert Kitchener] detailing the position and strength of the Dervish army and informing him that there are no hostile forces within three miles of the camp. Pencil. See CHAR 28/114/12.

1 folio
02 Sep 1898
CHAR 28/114/3

Message from WSC ([Left Advanced Patrol 21st Lancers, near Omdurman, Sudan) to the Sirdar [Sir Herbert Kitchener] detailing the advance of the Dervish army and informing him that most of the cavalry were with the force. Pencil. See CHAR 28/114/12.

1 folio
[02] [Sep] [1898]
CHAR 28/114/4

Form detailing the moves in a game of chess played between Lord Randolph Churchill and J H Zukerstort in the Club Room of the City and County Dublin Chess Club. Printed with pencil additions. See CHAR 28/114/1.

1 folio
31 Jan 1899
CHAR 28/114/5

Letter from [Violet Pearman], Personal Private Secretary to WSC to John Littlejohn thanking him on behalf of WSC for sending him a copy of the Birmingham Daily Gazette. Carbon typescript. See also CHAR 28/114/6-7.

1 folio
20 Oct 1939
CHAR 28/114/6

Letter from John Littlejohn (64 Handen Road, Lee [London]) to WSC enclosing a copy of the Birmingham Daily Gazette giving an account of a speech made by Lord Randolph Churchill. Signed manuscript. See also CHAR 28/114/5 and CHAR 28/114/7.

1 folio
17 Oct 1939
CHAR 28/114/7

Page from the Birmingham Daily Gazette which gives details of the political career of Lord Randolph Churchill including items on some of his most prominent speeches and the possibility that Lord Randolph may stand as MP for Birmingham. Includes a drawing of Lord Randolph. See also CHAR 28/114/5-6.

1 folio
05 Feb 1884
CHAR 28/114/8

Cutting of a poem written on the death of a hero [possibly Lord Randolph Churchill].

1 folio
CHAR 28/114/9

Filing instruction to Mr Kelly.

1 folio
19 Dec 1954
CHAR 28/114/10-11

Letter from Mary Gordon (5 Rockstone Place, Southampton [Hampshire]) to Mr Wilkinson enclosing an autograph [not present] of her brother's signature, Charles Gordon. A newspaper cutting of an obituary notice on Mary Gordon's death is pasted to the letter. Includes envelope used as a filing slip.

2 folios
19 Oct 1891
CHAR 28/114/12

Letter from [General Lord] Rawlinson (Government House, Farnborough, Hampshire) to WSC marked "private" enclosing messages [see CHAR 28/114/2-3] which he suggests that WSC should keep "in remembrance of a warm day's work which neither of us will ever forget" [the Battle of Omdurman]. Annotated by WSC in red ink "Keep with my papers in the proper box &note in index".

1 folio
05 Jan 1920
CHAR 28/114/13

Signed photograph of Lady Randolph Churchill dressed as [Empress] Theodora [for a Jubilee ball at Devonshire House].

1 folio