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CHAR 23/5 Official: War Cabinet: Chiefs of Staff Committee: weekly resumes.

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CHAR 23/5/1-14

Detailed summary of the war situation including: the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk including the effect of weather conditions, numbers evacuated, naval losses and attacks by German bombers; attacks by U-boats on seaborne trade; anti-submarine operations; German trade; overview of the military and air situation covering Norway, Italy, the North Sea and coastal operations, the bombing of Great Britain, attacks on Germany by Bomber Command, French and German air force operations and German air intelligence. Includes appendices giving figures about the evacuation of Dunkirk including rates of evacuation and naval losses. Printed.

1 pamphlet [2] 3-21 [2] p
30 May- 6 Jun 1940