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CHAR 23/4 Official: War Cabinet: Prime Minister's Directives.

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CHAR 23/4/11

Printed copy of a letter from WSC to President Roosevelt setting out the prospects for 1941 covering various subjects including: shared interests between Great Britain and the United States; the importance of sea and air power against Germany; reassurance about not requesting a large expeditionary army from the United States; the crucial importance of shipping to feed people and transport munitions and armies; shipping losses; battleship strength; the dangers posed by the Vichy French government, and by the situation in the Far East; appeals for United States support to protect lawful sea trade, for gifts or loans of vessels of war to maintain the Atlantic route and to reduce losses at sea, for re-enforcement of British capacity to manufacture combat aircraft, including military production in the United States and the difficulty of paying for United States munitions. Includes an Appendix of shipping losses. Printed, annotated in red crayon [by WSC for his history of the Second World War].

1 pamphlet ([1], 2-7 p)
08 Dec 1940