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CHAR 19/4 Official: Admiralty: War Cabinet papers by WSC.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 19/4/1

List of War Cabinet papers by WSC, acting as index for CHAR 19/4.

CHAR 19/4/2-8

Memorandum from WSC on "Publicity regarding destruction of or damage to enemy submarines, British warships and merchant vessels".

06 Sep 1939
CHAR 19/4/9

Printed memorandum from WSC on "The urgency of chartering neutral tonnage".

16 Oct 1939
CHAR 19/4/10-11

Typed memorandum from WSC on importation and rationing of meat and sugar.

21 Oct 1939
CHAR 19/4/12

Printed memorandum from WSC on Norway and Sweden.

29 Sep 1939
CHAR 19/4/13

Typed note from WSC on "Action by German destroyers in removing from a Swedish ship rescued British Seamen".

30 Sep 1939
CHAR 19/4/14-24

Typed note from WSC and report of the "Committee on issue of warnings against discussion of confidential matters in public places", with recommendations on propaganda.

13 Nov 1939
CHAR 19/4/25-28

Memorandum "The need for Berehaven [Ireland]", by Deputy Chief of Naval Staff [Rear-Admiral Tom Phillips], with attached note by WSC.

18 Oct 1939
CHAR 19/4/29

Printed note from WSC circulating comments from Staff in the Admiralty Trade Division on a memorandum "WP(G)(39)86" [not included in the file] by the Ministry of Shipping.

[Oct 1939]
CHAR 19/4/30-31

Typed note from WSC on military assistance to Turkey.

01 Nov 1939
CHAR 19/4/32

Printed note by WSC on proposed changes to the black-out system.

20 Nov 1939
CHAR 19/4/33

Typed memorandum with printed note by WSC on the Northern Barrage (mines), explaining the policies behind British Fleet manoeuvres.

1 [3p]
19 Nov 1939
CHAR 19/4/34

Typed memorandum from WSC with specimens of "cheerful chats" about Naval matters for BBC broadcasting; to give details of the day's casualties and the fate of ships Germaine, Ragni, HC Flood, Ursus, Atheltemplar and Inverlaine.

16 Dec 1939
CHAR 19/4/35

Printed memorandum from WSC enclosing the narrative of survivors of HMS Rawalpindi and a diagram charting movements during the attack.

1 [5p]
12 Dec 1939
CHAR 19/4/36

Printed note from WSC, with enclosures on Admiralty advice to the BBC on broadcasting of shipping losses.

1 [3p]
20 Dec 1939
CHAR 19/4/37

Printed note from WSC on Norwegian iron-ore traffic with Germany.

1 [2p]
16 Dec 1939
CHAR 19/4/38

Printed memorandum from WSC on "The American Zionist Organisation and His Majesty's Government's Policy in Palestine".

25 Dec 1939