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CHAR 19/1 Official: Admiralty: correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 19/1/1

Editorial note referring to unidentified piece.

Jul 1962
CHAR 19/1/2

Minute from WSC to 1st Sea Lord [Admiral of the Fleet Sir Dudley Pound] and the Controller of the Navy [Rear-Admiral Bruce Fraser], on a letter from Admiral [?Sir Reginald] Henderson [former Third Sea Lord and Controller of the Navy] on cruiser design. [initialled by WSC].

07 Sep 1939
CHAR 19/1/3-4

Letter from Sir John Lavery to WSC about [19th] Lord Sempill's desire to enrol for war service; with reply.

05 Sep 1939-11 Sep 1939
CHAR 19/1/5-6

Letter from Madeline de Labilliere to WSC offering chauffeuring services; with reply from WSC's Private Secretary declining offer. [carbon].

06 Sep 1939-20 Sep 1939
CHAR 19/1/7-8

Letter from the editor of The Fleet [Journal of the British Navy] to WSC requesting permission to reproduce a photograph; with reply from WSC's Private Secretary granting permission. [carbon].

14 Sep 1939-21 Sep 1939
CHAR 19/1/9-12

Letter from Lieutenant-Colonel M C C Harrison to WSC on his book, "Within Four Walls" which proposes the creation of an organisation to aid the escape of prisoners of war; with acknowledgement.

21 Sep 1939-23 Sep 1939
CHAR 19/1/13

Minute from Admiral Sir Dudley Pound, 1st Sea Lord, to WSC on the decision to build 6" rather than 8" cruisers.

08 Sep 1939