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CHAR 18/64 Official: Treasury: correspondence on rating relief.

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CHAR 18/64/3-13

Copy of a letter from WSC to Stanley Baldwin, Prime Minister, marked "secret and personal" on the need to "dominate events lest we be submerged by them", reflecting on achievements of the government but predicting bleak prospects for the next year as the government has not been successful, his own efforts to reduce expenditure have failed, the Factory and Poor Law Bills and Franchise will not support them, and advising that a constructive measure is needed. He seeks Baldwin's support for saving £15 million expenditure, £10 million to be saved from the Royal Navy, £15 million by taxing petrol and suggests that £30 million should be used to reduce the rates. He ends by asking Baldwin about the franchise, urging an open vote on the issue of 25 and 21 [a reference to voting age].

Carbon typescript.

11 folios
06 Jun 1927