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CHAR 18/37 Official: Treasury: correspondence and papers on the betting tax.

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CHAR 18/37/28

Letter from Pembroke Wicks (Conservative and Unionist Central Office, Palace Chambers, Bridge Street, Westminster, [London]) to John Davidson [Parliamentary Secretary, Admiralty] about likely political embarrassment over the Betting Tax, asking him to try and ensure that Sir Horace Hamilton [Chairman, Board of Customs and Excise] has information available for the public, especially that the licenses cannot "operate as a cloak for dishonest bookmakers", and asking for advance copies of the regulations and guidance from the Revenue Authorities.

Signed typescript.

1 folio
12 Oct 1926
CHAR 18/37/41-42

Copy of a letter from Sir Horace Hamilton [Chairman, Board of Customs and Excise] to Sir John Anderson [later 1st Lord Waverley, Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Home Office] about betting duty offences, explaining that WSC would like there to be minimal change in prosecutions and administration of the betting laws following the introduction of the tax, so that cases of illegal betting houses would be prosecuted but government departments will need to work together to establish which street betting offences should be prosecuted.

Carbon typescript.

2 folios
13 Nov 1926