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CHAR 18/28 Official: Treasury: correspondence.

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CHAR 18/28/106-108

Copy of a letter from WSC setting out his thoughts on what owners of mines ought to have done, specifically attending a conference and agreeing to negotiate a national agreement. He criticises the attitude of the owners' representatives and comments on the government's efforts to combat Bolshevism and on the position of the coal owners "It is not the business of Coal Owners as Coal Owners to fight Socialism" and that he (WSC) could not avoid making some criticisms of the coal owners though more of his speeches are devoted "to showing the unreasonable character of the Miners' claims and the wrongfulness of their leaders' conduct." Carbon typescript marked "private and personal".

3 folios
03 Nov 1926
CHAR 18/28/28-30

Letter from Sir Roger Keyes [later 1st Lord Keyes] (HMS Warspite, Mediterranean Fleet, Off Thaso [Thasos, Greece] marked "private" to WSC on subjects including: WSC's role in leading the government during the miners' strike; observations about [1st Lord] Beatty and his position [as Admiral of the Fleet] recommending that Beatty should remain in his role to oversee any further naval reductions, Beatty's role at the Battle of Jutland ("he saved the honour of the British Navy"); WSC's account of the Battle of Jutland and Keyes' view that postponing publishing would be a good idea; the account of Jutland by the German Naval Staff; and a reminder that WSC has Keyes' copy of the Naval Staff appreciation of Jutland. He ends by expressing the wish that WSC could visit and wishing him luck. Signed manuscript.

3 folios
08 Sep 1926